Ancient Zodiacs, Star Names, and Constellations: Essays and Annotated Bibliographies

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Hogg, Helen. (1950). "Out of Old Books - The Constellations." (Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Volume 44, October, Pages 196-201). [Note: Helen Hogg (1905-1993) was an accomplished astronomer. She was the first student of Shapley's to study global star clusters and she soon became an expert in the field. In the early 1930s she moved from the USA to permanent residence in Canada with her first husband Frank Hogg, a Canadian astronomer. Frank Hogg died in 1951 and decades later in 1985 she remarried. Her early astronomical work involved her travelling to Arizona and Texas for observations. She held a teaching position at the University of Toronto from 1941. In 1957 she became full professor at the University of Toronto, a position which she held until 1976. Helen Hogg wrote numerous popular articles on astronomy. Her articles appeared in The Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada in a section called "Out of Old Books" and in a newspaper column "With the Stars" in the the Toronto Star, from 1951 to 1981.]

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