Ancient Zodiacs, Star Names, and Constellations: Essays and Annotated Bibliographies

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Martiny, GŁnter. (1940). "The Orientation of the Gimilsin Temple and the Palace Chapel." (In: Frankfort, Henri, Lloyd, Seton, and Jacobsen, Thorkild.The Gimilsin Temple and the Palace of the Rulers at Tell Asmar. [Note: The prominent German architect (and co-editor of the journal Architectura) GŁnter Martiny contributed the 6-page Chapter III. This short Chapter is the only English-language exposition of GŁnter Martiny's views that Babylonian and Assyrian temples were astronomically oriented. During the 1930s GŁnter Martiny had investigated Mesopotamian temple architecture and in a number of publications (including his doctoral dissertation) offered evidence (effectively criticised since) for an ongoing system of their astronomical alignment. Basically being oriented with reference to the constellations appropriate to their guardian or protector deities. The inclusion of this Chapter by GŁnter Martiny in a book issued by the prestigious Oriental Institute in Chicago demonstrates that the subject of the possible astronomical orientation of Mesopotamian temples was still current by at least circa 1940.]

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