Surname Christian Names Age Death Date Details
CUMBERFORD Thomas 45 11-Jan-19 Labourer
GODDARD William Henry 46 9-Oct-22 Farmer
HARRIS Ivy 6hrs 20-Jul-23 At Merkanooka
RIDGE William   1925 Infant son
HILL David   18-Mar-26 Gun shot wounds 9 miles east of Pintha
BROWNLEY James Alfred 26 14-Jan-27 At Mt Morawa farm after 11 days in WA from England from TB.
McPHEE Charles 63 1-Feb-27 Farmer, died at Gutha from gun shot wounds
STEELE William   14-Feb-15 Labourer, found dead from natural causes at Bowgada Siding and buried near that Siding
BYRNES E     Buried at Warraminnie
CALVES   Baby   Buried on a farm at Pintharuka
PRATER D Baby   Buried south of Morawa on the eastern side of the road
STEELE W     Buried at Bowgada Siding


Reserve No 17311 Morawa Lot 50 dated 24 September 1919

EMERY Charles 49 24-May-22 Labourer at Harley’s Farm, Morawa. Death through rope breaking and falling down well.
RAINER Wilton Marler 42 18-Jan-24 Accidently by wheat loader, 3 miles N-W Morawa
MCCARTHY Jeremiah 37 23-Apr-24 Gun shot wounds 13 miles west of Morawa
GLASBRENNAN Albert Herman 50 14-Feb-25 Goldsmith Koolanooka, heart failure
TREGONNING Walter Charles 35 12-Jun-26 Died on main road 5 miles south of Morawa, accidently burned to death
GODFREY Gordon Hopkins 2yrs 9mths 9-Apr-27 Three Springs of Pneumonia
McQUISTON Hugh 50 19-Nov-27 At Harry Ryan’s farm Koolanooka from gun shot wounds
ATWELL Herbert William 42 15-Jul-29 TB
FITZGERALD Maurice Thomas 21 26-Jul-29 At Morawa from gun shot wounds
BLACKMAN Leonard Thomas 47 21-Apr-30 Heart failure near Morawa
MCCALLUM Arthur Edward 45 1-Apr-30 From war gas effects and heart trouble at Hotel Morawa
HOUGH John Joseph 30 26-Jan-30 At Morawa from poisoning

This cemetery was never officially closed but a cemetery site Reserve No 20650.

Morawa Lot No 155 was opened on 2 April 1931

GROOM Charles Pendleton   23-Jun-31 Grave Lot 1. Anglican
SCOTT Joseph L   6-Oct-31 Grave Lot 81. Methodist

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