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Hunter jewellers.  Custom  made Jewellery watches  & fine gifts . Bridal gifts accessories, bridal jewellery engagement & wedding rings.  Traser & traser ladyline swiss made watches  permanent light technology, citizen eco drive  & quartz watches, Classique pocket  & opal  watches ,  prestige solid gold watches, Curtis Australia hand crafted silver & gold pens & writing instruments, these are works of art or jewellery that writes.  Personality by tedora silver & gold bead jewellery versatile & personal made in Italy,  clocks  jewellery & music boxes, 1  1/4  1/2  hourglass perfect gift for the time conscious.  Astrolabium.  High quality precision computer engraving  to truly customize gifts & jewellery,  
Eternity finely cut diamonds & finished jewellery (rings )from 1 of australias most trusted   diamond suppliers. Ikeco pearls freshwater & south sea pearls loose strands & finished jewellery .  
Uniqiue to you completely custom made beads in gold & silver set with gemstones 2 tone names & messages. Missy von lubbe  silver & natural gemstone set unique & interesting  jewellery rings pendants ear rings.  Opals Australia & Sherman opals opal jewellery instore, roy king  high quality  beautiful extravagant  silver jewellery.
Temptation , diamonds tanzanite & gemstone jewellery range  micro pave diamonds tanzanite with  its beautifull  bright purple blue  colour tanzanite is from the zoisite group.
A locally owned business.   before you shop elsewhere come to singleton visit the vineyards, hunter valley gardens, national parks & other attractions ( tourist information)
value assured, same product same price. Lifetime warranty  Complimentary cleaning Jeweller in store Ongoing  services instore ETC. Conditions may apply
our aim is to develop a jewellery store that offers a comprehensive range of services & products with  friendly  professional staff in an interesting atmosphere

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Custom made Jewellery Watches & Fine Gifts

Hunter Jewellers.

Jewellery watches & fine gifts. A family owned business.   before you shop elsewhere come to singleton visit the vineyards, restaurants, hunter valley gardens, national parks & other attractions    the perfect place for a complete bridal experience           (visitor information)

Our aim is to develop a store that offers Inspiration with a comprehensive range of services & products with friendly staff,  professional knowledge in an interesting atmosphere. When you become our client we will bend over backwards to serve you over a lifetime.

citizen eco drive impresive ladies diamond set cronograph watch

Value assured -

same product same price.


Lifetime warranty.


Complimentary / discounted services  up to 40% off.


Jeweller in store.


Ongoing  services in store.

Express service.

Advise, consultations 

customer discount ? rewards

JAA members

Make your own.


decorative computer engraving - personalize.




To name a few.


Can’t find what you want, we may be able to help


Phone  orders using visa mastercard & email orders using paypal.


Conditions may apply  such as , when purchased from hunter jewellers

beautifull 18ct gold diamond butterfly pendantCurtis Writing instruments,  silver & gold Australian made, make the perfect gift for professionals & special occasions. jewellery that writes,  functional artHermle astrolabium table clock  shows time,  day month , moon phase,  &  zodiacs, represent the earth & moon moving around the sun 
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Jewellery & related manufacturing & repair services,  welding of difficult metals & sensitive items

High quality customized computer engraving of nearly anything

Large range of gold & silver jewellery

Clocks, watches, writing instruments,  masks etc.

? Can’t find what you are looking for, we may be able to help

See other pages for more detailed listing.

We will accept payments by, cash, visa, mastercard,  or paypal


Curtis Writing instruments,  silver & gold Australian made, make the perfect gift for professionals

& special occasions.

Jewellery that writes, functional art

Citizen eco drive diamond set

Hermle astrolabium table clock  shows time,  day month , moon phase,  &  zodiacs, represent the earth & moon moving around the sun




9ct gold & sterling silver made in italy

Tanzanite a beautiful & rare gem with an interesting story

This extravagant  Roy king necklace has been given to the HMRI for fundraising by hunter jewellers

For centuries, gold & gems have been highly valued. Today

most people  own  jewellery, it is given to celebrate living, for its attractiveness; its retained value & even functionality, wedding & engagement rings; with their sentimental, historical & social value; are amongst the most treasured. To be assured we offer information & consultations on the  important points to consider & remember When purchasing.


With a Desire & the required experience & skill

Hunter Jewellers  will be dedicated  to your  Service. 

Be our client & receive Well Designed, Made, fitted & maintained items.

Earn reward points. Ongoing - priority, complimentary & discounted  Services, in-store even while you wait.  Value assured,


Consider the effect your wedding & engagement rings will have on each other, visually & practically when choosing them

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