Flowers for The Alter

So why are the Flowers on The Alter?

On The Alter of God our Father.

To show that we love Him

To show that we care.

Flowers are so beautiful, fragile and free.

God made them all for you and for me.

He made them so soft with wonderful hues,

With Perfume incredible, reds, yellows and blues.

Beautiful Flowers full of joy and of love

Perfume ascending to God up above.

Attracting the bees, the birds and insects,

Each playing a part in this universe.

Birds sip at the nectar, bees collect the

Pollen as part of the cycle of life.

But the beauty of Flowers especially the Rose

Is far greater by far than from the

Bush whence it grows.

And we are like Flowers when we are

Rooted in God -

Our Praise rises as Perfume.

Although that sounds odd and profane,

a Perfume surrounds us as we are Praising our God.

So look at the Flowers on The Alter!

Put there as a Blessing from us to our God,

Who made Flowers for our pleasure

To bring joy to our hearts,

to comfort and bless us,

as we are living our walks in This life.

Give a Flower for the Alter.

This treasure - this gift of a Flower is - Alive.