This is my Will that you love my Son Jesus.

He is your Soulís life.

He abides in those who have chosen Him.

Yes, first He callís you but you still have a choice,

To choose or not to choose.

I have made you with my hands but

you are not puppets.

I desire that you choose when Jesus calls.

He knows you by name but

He will not linger where He is unwanted.

He is the Saviour of the World.

He is my only, one and only begotten Son.

And it is my Will that you would choose to follow Him

All the days of your life.

Let Our Holy Spirit abide in you to comfort and guide you

while you live on the Earth.

Yes, Jesus has prepared a home for you in Heaven.

He is the Key that will open the door.

Only through Jesus can you come to Me.

I am the

Alpha & Omega

The first

And the Last.

I am, I Am, Almighty God

the Ancient of Days.

Come and partake of My Heavenly Realm.

Walk in the Love of

My Son Jesus.



Jessie. 30th. October 2005.