We now have an Audio CD it is called.........

Letter to a Friend

How to invite Jesus into your Life

Some time ago instead of writing a letter to a friend, I decided to send them a
tape, (which is now updated to a CD) so that I could explain things better.
Then I thought that others may like to listen to it, so am making it available
hopefully at a reasonable price. There is nothing personal that relates to
my friend so you are free to listen and learn about inviting Jesus into your life.
Also you will learn a bit more about The Kingdom of God,
especially if this is all new to you.
God Bless you, I hope you have a lovely day today.


The CD is available from: P.O. Box. 149. CARNARVON. Western Australia. 6701.
Please send Name & Address to the above with:-Cheque or Money Order........$15.00.Australian. each CD.
This includes post/packing to where-ever you are living.
The CD will be posted as soon as possible.
No Bank Card Facilities available....Australian Currency Only Please.
Thank you, Jessie.