Find Time to Smell The Roses

Are you so busy you cannot sit still?
Are you rushing and striving each day?
Moving around with not a minute to spare.
So,what about the Roses I hear you say.

Well The Lord made the Roses for us to enjoy.
But there never seems time to stop for awhile.
We rush here and there without even a care.
Never stopping to think that the Rose wants to share.

You ask me - What does a Rose want to share?
Well first there's it's beauty so lovely and rare,
creating a presence it would love you to know.
Also the perfume it breathes to & fro.

We miss so much in the struggles of life
if we never sit still for a moment to two.
The Rose is just one flower The Lord did create,
there are many more beauties to which we can relate.

Let us find time to smell the Roses to-day.
That really means - to find time to relax.
Live and enjoy the wonders of nature out there.
Stop for a while, don't let work be a snare.

The petals are soft, have you felt them to-day?
The perfume is exquisite, just right for each Rose.
Find time to-day to consider, the beauty the wonder
of something that grows.

Find time to wonder -

Maybe Smell The Rose.

Written by: Jessie.