There is a Lost Land I am sure
of teaspoons and socks by the score.
Teaspoons disappear at a fast rate of knots
and everyone seems to have piles of Odd Socks.

There must be a Land far, far away.
Because these things never seem to stay.
We buy them and use them a couple of times.
Then surprise, surprise we loose them in drives.

We proudly wash our New Socks!
Peg them out carefully - pegs are good locks.
But after they're worn, they come back as - Ones.
The others, the partners, have gone to new homes.

Disappeared to the Land of the Lost
and nobody really counts the cost.
It must be in Millions or maybe in Billions.
From the Dawn of Ages it may now be in Trillions.

And teaspoons you say, well!
Even Op Shops only find Odd Ones to sell.
Their partners their mates, or sets of spoons
Must all be on other Planets or on other Moons.

It's good for Industry though, I am sure.
Because they keep making more and more.
Teaspoons and socks, socks & teaspoons.
When we find two the same - that's a Pair - What a lovely Surprise!

Then, when we go to Heaven above
There maybe teaspoons we cared for with Love.
And Mountains of Odd Socks that were lost!
Oh! Joy of Joy! but wait, we can't count the cost.
Because - where is the Other Odd Sock that we lost?


For Jasmine's Birthday.........9th. April - 2000 -