Psalm: 19 verse 1

The heavens declare

the Glory of God;

the skies proclaim

the work of His hands.


This book has one verse of a Psalm to read each day.

Then, if you feel like it please read the whole Psalm in your Bible

Included in the book is my Testimony of healing and my writings come after the Psalms.

Verses from the Book of Psalms - is nicely decorated with pen/ink drawings and is available from:-
J. Larman.  Carnarvon Art Studio.
P.O. Box. 149. CARNARVON. W. AUSTRALIA. 6701.

The cost is $7.50.Australian Plus $2. Post & Packing.
Please go to ORDER FORM and send Name and address with:
Cheque or Postal Draft/Money Order or Bank Deposit. (Australian Currency Only Please.)

This Book makes a lovely gift for yourself or a friend.



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