This is my Testimony

I was born in England on Christmas Eve 1937 and had been ill with chest/lung problems from 5yrs. old, gradually getting worse over the years. Later they diagnosed an incurable lung disease called Bronchiectasis............I had a lobectomy at 18yrs of age (that means I had the lower lobe of my left lung cut off).How-ever the Bronchiectasis later spread to my right lung as well.There is no known cure for this illness, as with Emphysema there is no known cure.But our Heavenly Father God, who is in Heaven, allowed me to be healed, through Jesus Christ His Son. Praise The Lord for His healing power, the same now as when Jesus walked upon the earth.Also I have come to know The Holy Spirit more fully in my life since inviting Him into my body so that The LORD God can use me for His work and Glory. The Holy Spirit is our teacher, comforter, also our guide and wants us to fellowship with Him each day. He is the one who helps us to pray. His presence is lovely. Once you have lived with The Holy Spirit (who is The Spirit of Jesus The Christ) you will never want to live without Him. 
This is my testimony to let you know that The Lord Jesus Christ healed my lungs of an incurable disease (Bronchiectasis) in 1984 in Perth, Western Australia by the laying on of hands at a Church there one evening during the Sunday service.

Praise The Lord.

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