This Book is called -

What is Love ?

Here is a Verse from the Book

God is Love.

 Do you have a love of creation, a love for all flora and fauna.

The beautiful flowers and trees, the animals and birds of the air.

All creatures great and small, the vast landscape, the beautiful blue sky?

These things are given by God for us to enjoy.

He created them and gave us the love to appreciate every part of His creation.


This is a nice little book about the Love of God,

trying to explain the different types of love in a Christian way.

A homemade book.

Complied on my computer with beautiful colour cover


Pen/ink drawings, photographs etc.,


Book - What is Love.
Available from J.Larman.P.O. Box. 149. CARNARVON.Western AUSTRALIA. 6701.
Please send Name & Address to the above with:-Cheque or Postal Draft for ...$10.00. Australian. per book.Post/packing......... $2.
Sorry No B/Card Facilities...Australian Currency Only Please.
Thank you Jessie.

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