She Was my Friend

She was my friend, she was my friend.
I loved her so, she was a very special friend.
The God of love has now taken her to be with Him.
The tears I've cried for her have made my eyes so dim.

But the friendship we had together will never fade,
because in my heart, she is not in the shade.
She has gone to be in that glorious light.
No more on this planet earth will she have to fight.

She can rest in Jesus our wonderful Lord
and watch in wonder as He is adored
by myriads of Angels around His throne.
She will know without doubt, that she is His own.

Being now in His Kingdom of peace and true love.
We all can remember Gods Kingdom, each time we see a dove.
The Dove is a symbol of love and peace,
I pray Gods Kingdom will never cease.

I too can go home when the time is right.
Then I shall see my friend, what a glorious sight.
She will look so beautiful clothed in splendour,
as to Jesus Christ our Lord she does truly surrender.

Jesus said "in My Fathers House there are many Mansions,
I go to prepare a place for you."
I pray Lord God that my friend has a wonderful place
and I look forward to the day that I shall see her dear face.

She was so special to me, accepting me just as I am.
My dear God I praise you that she is with you -
Almighty God the Great I Am.
The only true God, for ever and evermore,
now - and - Eternity.


(For my friend who died)

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