Snippets etc.,

Things children say......

1)  When the collection plate came round - little boy,
"no thank you, I had some last week"
2) Arriving at Church and kneeling to pray - little girl heard to say,
in loud whisper, 
"who are we hiding from?"
3) Small girl helping Mummy doing Church flowers,
saw the surplices hanging in the vestry, 
"I want to wear one and be The Holy Ghost".
4)  Instead of counting Sheep when you can't sleep,
try talking to The Shepherd.
Also have you heard this one?:

Going to Church does not make you a Christian.
Anymore than going to McDonalds
turns you into a hamburger.

Not sure where I heard these from but thought it would be good to share them with you.
God Bless You
Hope you have a lovely Day.