2 Mortimer Street, Kalbarri WA 6536
Telephone (08) 9937 1430    Fax (08) 9937 1563
email - kalbbacpak@wn.com.au

Kalbarri Backers offer outstanding kitchen and dining facilities to all its guests. They are equipped with all the modern items you would need to cook a healthy meal.

Modern Kitchen Facilities

Dirty laundry that needs washing???  No problems. Kalbarri Backpackers have modern washing machines available to all its guests.

Need a phonecard???  No problems. We have those as well.

Kalbarri Backpackers.

Telephone 61 (08) 99 371 430
Facsimile 61 (08) 99 371 563
email - kalbbacpak@wn.com.au

2 Mortimer Street ( Crn Wood Street )
Kalbarri, Western Australia, 6536

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