Kalbarri Gorges - Western Australia

A Great Place to See

Kalbarri Gorge

Enjoy the breathtaking Kalbarri gorges with Frank Seidler from Kalbarri Safari Tours. Discover ‘Z’ Bend and the 'Loop'. See ‘Nature's Window’. Look at the gorges from the ‘Lookout’.

This safari tour allows you to descend to the very bottom of the gorges via purpose built pathways to enjoy the rock pools below.

Make sure you allow yourself enough time to see this natural wonder. It would be disappointing to drive away, after travelling so far, and later discover that you had missd out on one of natures remarkable beautiful sights.

An experienced guide from Kalbarri Safari Tours will point out the various rock formations, how and when they were formed, and many other interesting facts about our sun burnt gorges.

Don’t forget the camera, film, sunscreen lotion and a hat. 2 litres of water per person is a must.

You’ll love it!!!!!

Bookings can be made at Kalbarri Backpackers for this and the many other tours that are available at Kalbarri.

Kalbarri Backpackers.
Telephone 61 (08) 99 371 430
Facsimile 61 (08) 99 371 563
email - kalbbacpak@wn.com.au

2 Mortimer Street ( Crn Wood Street )
Kalbarri, Western Australia, 6536


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