December 1st 2004

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The mangrove jacks have been starting to show up in numbers around the cape with the warm waters after so many still days through November.  The waters are definitely a lot hotter with few southerly winds to cool it down.  This hot still weather has allowed many boats to venture out and chase the marlin as well.  Charter Boat Blue Horizon hooked an estimated 750lb marlin in deep waters off the Muiron Islands.  The fish was so big that deckhand Aaron struggled to hold the leader with the fish beside the boat.  The hooks pulled at this stage and the crew happily watch the big fish swim off and resume his hunting.  Another charter game boat, Indizara chased the billfish and also caught many mackerel and tuna.  The big fish are out there and itís good to see people coming here from all over the country to target them for tag and release fishing. 

Meanwhile visiting anglers from Melbourne Rod Holmes and Michael Toohey have been taking advantage of the warmer climate and camping along the west coast.  Fishing from shore the two have landed spangled emperor from Janz access road up to an impressive 65cm.  They also managed to see some amazing strikes on tango dancer poppers from queenfish as they retrieved the lures quickly at high tide.  

The announcement from premier Gallop of a 34% increase in sanctuary zones in Ninglaoo Marine Park has stirred up much unrest in the fishing fraternity.  This political statement claims to be environmental, however areas such as Sunday Island are to be banned from recreational anglers, yet still open for petroleum exploration.  Where is the environmental logic in this?  Recreational angling bodies have been responsible for many saviours of fishing areas; they do believe in sanctuary zones, but want a fair proposal. 

On sunset at town beach schools of whitebait being herded by small queenfish and small trevally can be seen scattering across the surface.  This sight is amazing to watch, but catching them can be tricky.  Using the smallest metal lures on light line can yield occasional results.  The evenings are most enjoyable when there is no wind and the moon is rising across the gulf.


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