December29th 2004

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The summer south westerly winds have hampered many boating enthusiasts this last week.  However if your boat is big enough to brave the choppy seas from the strong winds, then an early day in the lee of the Muiron Islands can be rewarding.  Others fishing from the shore can usually get out of the wind somewhere around the Cape or up Wappet Creek and the Bay of Rest. 

Matt McGurgan from Karratha was fishing out from the marina in his 3.8m dinghy with his partner Kerrie when he hooked up to a big fish on light line.  After a long fight and some great video footage by Kerrie, Matt landed a 1.25m cobia on his new Christmas present: a new rod and reel. 

Meanwhile Paul and Sam Groom from Cottosloe towed their 5.5m Westerberg to Exmouth for a fishing holiday.  The two were on their way back in from Tantabiddi as Sam was getting scared from the strong winds, when two rods began screaming.  Sam was convinced she had snagged and then after much excitement they landed two mackerel between 10-15kg.  Needless to say Sam soon forgot about being scared and wanted to stay out longer. 

Queenfish have been caught off Learmonth Jetty this week along with small school mackerel and trevally.  Large milkfish can be seen in schools around Bundegi and many have tempted anglers to complete frustration.  These large fish are fussy eaters and usually won’t take to a lure or bait.  However it is amazing to stand in the water with dozens of them surrounding you as they cruise up and down the shallows.

Mangrove Jacks continue to be reported around Exmouth both from the shore and boats on the gulf side and the West Coast.  These hard fighting little fish are taking to small hard bodied lures such as the one in the picture.


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