December 8th 2004

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No doubt about it: fishing enthusiasts are not deterred by extremes.  From strong winds, especially at night, the weather has changed its mind and given us high temperatures, instead.  Despite the mercury reaching 44o C there are still enthusiastic reports of good catches in the Exmouth area. 

One happy angler is Sascha O’Meara who, after living in town 2 years and not really bothering much about fishing, is now talking about her baptism by fire.  The cause of all her dilemma was her first hook-up to an almighty large fish.  Not really all that too comfortable in a small tinnie out on the briny, and not too confident about the strength needed to rise to the whole challenge, she got tired winding in the line and tried to pass the gear over to her companion at sea, the skipper.  However, she was firmly told that since she had hooked the fish it was her duty to do it the honour of pitching her skill against the odds, that is: to wind the so-and-so thing in, or else!  After a bit of a struggle the fish turned out to be a big Golden Trevally.  Sascha was all smiles once the fish was landed, photographed and released. 

After having been thrown in the deep end that way, Sascha went on to confidently catch and release many quality fish throughout the day, and the list included mackerel, queenfish with all their display and antics, a variety of reef fish, and ended the day with a magnificent Giant Herring. 

Another happy story comes from Murray, who has been trolling off shore from Warroora Station.  Using Halco Lures, Murray has hooked and released some sizzling GT’ up to 30kg, as well as long-tail tuna and one small marlin.  

Other anglers report goods action at Learmonth Jetty with Queenies, Golden Trevally, mackerel and squid.  Also the old favourite location: the marina, is still offering Queenies, Bream and the odd Mangrove Jack starting to show up again for the first time since last Summer. 

There are still plenty of whiting along the shores close to town, and one fly fishing enthusiast from Perth worked all the beaches up from Coral Bay and had a ball sight-casting to Golden Trevally.  Another fly-fishing enthusiast, also from Perth, was wading the flats around Old Bundegi and had a great time with Queenfish and small Trevally. 

With plenty of fish activity out there, there’s no excuse not to get out on the water and have a go!


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