October 27th 2004

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Whether you want to chase fish off the shore or out off shore this week, it is all good.  Simon and friend Con from Perth were fishing near Nedís camp this week from the shore.  The two men were chasing nothing in particular but a relaxing holiday.  Species they encountered included golden trevally, queenfish, spangled emperor, giant trevally and, the greatly sought after by fly fishers,-bonefish.  Avid flyfishing anglers spend thousands of dollars chasing these fish all over the country, but these guys simply stumbled across them.  The guys also had trouble with large fish screaming line off their reels at dawn and dusk.  Although they never got to see what the species was, we think it was one of the many bronze whaler sharks that patrol the coastline at that time. 

Graham Page was out with fellow fisher Keith Woodwood in deep waters chasing reef fish.  They caught red emperor, job fish, sweet lip and honeycomb cod: all tasty table fish.  At one stage Keith looked over the side of the boat to see a marlin in the clear waters thrashing its head.  It was attached to Grahamís line! Before they knew it, the relatively young pelagic hunter screamed off and spat the hook.  This was Grahams first time hooked up to a billfish.  Needless to say, the next day he invested in a new rod and reel to seriously look at chasing these magnificent fish on the next trip. 

The Exmouth Game fishing Club held a records fishing day on Sunday.  Although many species could have been brought in for records, only one fish took weight on the scales.  It was a 31kg sailfish caught on 8kg; a pending state record for junior angler Bridget Wright.  Well done Bridget.  There were eight boats out that day in the gulf chasing the abundant sailfish.  The sailfish were feeding on the surface around the bait schools.  Birds would start bombing in to where the sails were feeding to pick up any morsels left floating.  The sailfish were so active that they were striking baitfish right out of the water with their sails up.  It was amazing for all to see.  The anglers on the Bluewater hire boat tagged the most fish using circle hooks and switching baits back to hungry fish raised in the hook-less teasers.   

This week end, Nov 6th and 7th is the Betta Electrical Billfish Bonanza.  It is a two day competition for tag and release of billfish only.  We thoroughly recommend using circle hooks and Billfish Foundation tags.  Anyone not sure on how to use these applications that are fish friendly and give better results, please call in to Bluewater Tackle and we will be happy to help.  Entry forms for this event can be picked up at Exmouth Tackle and Camping, Bettsyís Seafood and Tackle, Bluewater Tackle and Betta Electrical.        


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