February 2nd 2005

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The mangrove jacks have been keeping many of the locals happily entertained over the last week in the marina.  Many of the locals have been down there catching and releasing these hardy species, while taking just enough for a fresh feed.  Unfortunately one particular angler has been keeping more than his fare share and is frowned upon by many others.  Any fish is best eaten fresh and there is no sense in keeping too many, especially when people live in such a fish abundant area. 

New residents Cam and Hayley Trowbrige from Kununurra have been tasting a few of the other marina delights during the days this week: squid.  They have been catching the squid from the outside wall of the marina with large squid jigs.  Cam is a long time angler and a firm follower of fishing for the future.  Itís good to see these anglers of this new generation in increasing numbers opposed to the old days of plundering.  

The garfish have been plentiful along the gulf beaches.  This is a great fun fish, especially for kids.  A bag of aniseed berley, a little fish oil and a light rig of a float and size12 hook with a small segment of prawn should have you set for gardie fishing.  The sandy areas tend to work best along the beaches and if you are keeping them, an icy cold salt water slurry will keep them best. 

Three anglers from Perth have been absolutely blitzed by large fish off the top of the Cape.  The trio have landed spangled emperor, small trevally and queenfish, but had to step up a little with their gear after some larger trevally and queenfish attacked their soft plastics. 

Local angler and avid sailor Alan Bishop was out fishing with wife Sue on their sailing boat catching tuna, when things became a little awkward.  While releasing a tuna, Alan managed to catch the other treble on the lure into his hand. (ouch!) They managed to get the tuna off, but had to sail home and visit the hospital to remove the remaining treble!  I personally like to fish with barbless hooks in most situations, but if not, great care must be taken when handling hooked fish.


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