August 18th 2004

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The warmer weather has started to creep in amongst the cold mornings now and milder water currents are a welcome change, especially for the locals fishing from the shore at sunset. 

Coral Bay has been a hype of activity this week.  Georgia Metschke and her husband were trolling inside the reef in 25ft of water with a small deep diving bibbed lure that hooked a large rankin cod.  Georgia was the happy angler who also managed to hook another large chinamon fish, then a barracuda.  The two anglers also managed to fight an 8ft shark to the boat after a lengthy battle. 

Another old time Coral Bay resident and once Mahi-Mahi deckhand, Scottie, was fishing off the beach at Warroora on the rising tide when large squid began appearing in the clear waters.  The squid were so large that they began catching and releasing them after a few were kept for a fresh feed.  One of the largest measured 77cm! 

Greg and Rachel Dello from Bunbury caught a 10 and 13kilo cobia, two nor west snapper and a blueline emperor off Bundegi last week.  The outfit of a Penn 8500 and Ugly stik had a hard workout along with their stomachs as they didn’t have a gimbal belt to take the pressure of the rod with the strong fishing fish.  Needless to say they have since purchased a gimbal belt and are well prepared for the next trip.

Jethro Bonnitcha and Josh Totterdell have been up here with Jeoff’s father John filming sharks and whales and doing research over the past few months.  The boys are all keen anglers too and couldn’t resist the temptation to take out a few fishing outfits during their days on the water.  This certainly paid off as Jethro hooked up to his first marlin on his Saltiga GT spinning outfit whilst trolling with a Moldcraft Chugger.  The 50lb fireline handled the 40minute encounter until the boys landed the estimated 60kilo black marlin.  The boys ecstatically took photos, gently released the fish back to the ocean and watched as it energetically took off in to the deep blue. 


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