September 1st 2004

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The winds have been cool this week, although when they drop the spring warmth soaks in; and donít we love it!  Unfortunately some days have been rather windy, but it gives anglers a good chance to be well prepared for the next outing, which usually isnít too far away. 

We have seen a lot of large trailer boats around lately as people come up from Perth for the warmer weather and good fishing.  One such angler, Brendan Doak and his mates towed up Brendanís 7m Seaquest for a two week holiday.  The boys were targeting reef species with jigs and managed to land a few red emperor along with some saddle tail sea perch and sharp toothed job fish.  

Anglers from the shore have had a quite week, some blaming the full moon phase, or perhaps itís the tide, the windÖ.any excuse, but at least they are out there enjoying the fresh air and sunshine.  There have still been a few reports of the big trevally about, but if it had been the moonís fault, then we are happy to look forward to the next moon phase. 

George Grant from Monak spent 25mins on a large sailfish which he and friend Ed Hartman carefully measured up to estimate at over 100lbs.  The two tagged and released the large 10ft sailfish off Tantabiddi, along with two 40lb mackerel measuring 1.3m and 1.4m.  The water temperature was also measured at 23.5degrees.  These guys are serious about their fishing with custom built Sabre rods and the top gold Penn reels to compliment them. 

Jeff and son Andrew McIntosh from England came to Exmouth for a fishing holiday after reading an article in a fly fishing magazine in the UK.  The sportsfishermen were keen to try and catch a queenfish on fly tackle and desperately tried the shoreline around Exmouth as well as some boat fishing.  Thankfully they managed to land more than just one fish and many species during their trip.  Itís great to see eco friendly anglers like this coming from over seas to what they described as a ďfantastic fisheryĒ.


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