October 20th 2004

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The weather is heating right up and so is the interest surrounding the proposed extensions to the marine park and sanctuary zones in Ningaloo.  Public submissions need to be in by the 29th of this month which is almost here.  If you haven’t put yours in, you can email it direct to CALM (ningaloo@calm.wa.gov.au)  A letter direct to the premier will also help us to be heard via ggallop@dpc.wa.gov.au   

A recent survey of businesses in Exmouth showed more accurate figures relating to what type of people visit here and where they spend their money.  This survey is totally contradictive to the Woods survey that was referred to in the CALM proposal by a man who doesn’t even live in the town.  Woods’ statistics say that 46% of people that visit here are from overseas, which we all know is far from accurate. 

I would like to point out to everyone that we (rec fishers) are not against CALM and we are not against sanctuary zones.  We just want to see a fairer proposal put forward where CALM work together with Fisheries, the community, a recreational fishing body such as Recfishwest and a dive representation.  The proposal that has been put forward was put together by a diver from CALM who has diving interests.  That person has since resigned from CALM.  Fisheries had no input to the proposal and the communities views were not taken in to account from the draft of the draft.  As recreational anglers and residents ourselves, we too want to see Ningaloo well looked after in to the future.  We would like to have more input in to our future and believe that education along with more policing will give a better result than closing areas. 

Meanwhile Jodi Roberts and her family are back once again from Tom Price for a fishing holiday.  Jodi outfished the guys onboard their 20ft Qunitrex in the gulf with large gold spot trevally caught on RMG lures.  Jodi’s son, Shane, was chasing “nemos” and “marlins” to catch and release after watching the Finding Nemo movie several times. 

There have been many squid south of the marina for anyone with a small dinghy.  From shore, catches of large queenfish have been reported around Bundegi on Halco twisties and Tango Dancers.  The ever present spangled emperor have also been coming in close to the access roads along the west coast, particularly at dusk.

Don, Steve and Rob Kemp have been here on a fishing holiday from Melbourne.  The trio have caught everything from cobia, mackerel, sharks, estuary cod, coronation trout, snapper, barracuda to flathead in their boat hat they towed the long distance from home.  Most of the bigger fish have been around the 14kilo mark and the boys were proud to say that they carefully released close to 90%of their catch.

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