September 22nd 2004

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The whiting have been the focus of most anglers this week searching for a fresh feed of fish.  The sandy beaches in the gulf have been literally littered with them.  Light line with a light sinker and small outfit is what the majority of anglers are using.  Prawn is the best bait and using a small long shank hook should have you landing a few of these tasty fish for dinner. 

The billfish are also out in numbers and many sailfish and marlin have been tagged in recent weeks.  Clint O’Ryan and David Cunningham were fishing in a 15ft tinny off the back of Tantabiddi reef near Mandu-Mandu in 60-80m of water.  They were fishing for reef fish with a standard paternoster rig.  Clint was bringing up his rig from the bottom when a marlin followed it to the surface.  The boys then rigged up a floating bait and before long Dave was hooked up to the marlin.  The boys managed to land the fish within no time and happily released it after a few quick snaps.  Unfortunately they weren’t planning on catching a billfish in their 15ft tinny, so they didn’t have a tag pole.  This does shows how good it is for small craft to be able to access these waters safely and catch such brilliant fish. 

The well known name in Western Australian fishing is Halco; the WA based lure company.  The Halco crew are currently in the Monte Bellows doing some filming on fishing with fishing journalist Col Roberts.  Hopefully next week we will have some great pics from their trip.  The crew have caught many species from reef to deep water and will be promoting fishing for the future in their production. 

Exmouth is the guest town for the Royal Perth Show.  If you are down there then drop in to see our town’s great display.  There will be displays on many things Exmouth has to offer including fishing, camping, operations, history and the proposed future.  See you there!   


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