Polymer Clay and Silver Metal Clay Workshops and Retreats

In Mullumbimby NSW

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“Your Choice” Retreats (private tuition)

When: All year round, your choice.

For those wishing to ‘go their own way’ with clay, I hold private workshops and live-in retreats that are tailored specifically for you so that you get to choose what you’d like to learn. I specialize in polymer clay and silver clay techniques and projects. The feedback regarding this way of learning, where the instructor is not having to divide her attention with a lot of other students, is that people learn much more in a day, learn exactly what they want and can ask questions all day long without hesitation. 9.30am – 4.30pm

Workshop: private one-on-one tuition $140

…with accommodation and three meals a day $190.


Mokume Gane Madness

Where old meets new, drawing upon the ancient Japanese tradition of mokume gane using polymer clay.
Beginners welcome.

Very thin layers of coloured clay are embossed, then sliced away, allowing each colour to shadow over another.

Participants will also learn:

Aspects of pendant/pin design which include making templates as well as the basics of conditioning clay, colour theory, sanding and finishing your work.

When: Saturday 25th October, 2008
Also March 14th 2009

Cost: $100 includes materials and lunch

Time: 9.30 to 4.00 pm

Venue: Mullumbimby, home studio.

Contact: Melanie Dilday 66845576 or madbeader@westnet.com.au


Come discover the wonderful and revolutionary new method of working in silver, using precious metal clay.
Beginners welcome.
Metal clay
consists of very small particles of precious metals mixed with an organic binder and water. Metal clay can be shaped just like any soft clay, by hand or using mould or stamps or any textured surface. After drying, it can also be carved and sanded till it’s silky smooth…then it is fired in a kiln or with a handheld gas butane torch The binder burns away, leaving the pure, sintered metal.

Participants will learn:
Rolling, texturing and cutting sheets of PMC, how to add layers using PMC paste and creating and adding embellishments. Sanding and finishing is also covered as well as firing with a butane torch. You will also learn about adding patina and polishing using both hand and rotary tumbler.

When: 8th November 2008
Also March 7th, 2009

$120 includes lunch and materials

Phone: Melanie Dilday 66845576 or email madbeader@westnet.com.au


Lace Cane Beads

INTRODUCTORY CLASS: Saturday November 1st

Millefiori is Latin for “a thousand flowers” and originates from the Venetian glass blowing technique where long rods of glass were made with tiny flowers running through the entire length. Polymer clay artists have adapted this technique for use with clay, creating magical effects.

This class is a fabulous introduction to polymer clay and millefiori. Ideally suited to beginners as it’s a very forgiving, easily learned technique yet looks particularly striking. You will also learn to create beads of all shapes and sizes.

Participants will learn:

Conditioning clay. Millefiori caning technique. Bead making. Baking and finishing.


$120 incl materials and lunch




When: November 15th 2008 and March 21st 2009

This one day class is designed to highlight the versatility of three of the Contemporary Clays; Air Dry Clay (Makins), Polymer Clay (Sculpey-Premo) and Metal Clay (PMC).

This class focuses heavily on techniques:- you will learn how each of the clays behave and the best ways to manipulate them, how to finish your piece professionally, application of embellishments such as Pearlex Powders, construction and adhering your clay to other objects.

Three innovative projects will be covered allowing you to create components to assemble:- Silver Metal Clay: Seashell charm bracelet, Air Dry Clay: Licorice Allsorts Bracelet and Polymer Clay: a cover for your own journal or sketch book. This class also allows people who wish to enrol in the Contemporary Clay Instructors Program to have the work created in the Introduction Class credited towards the completion of the CCIP certificate One. Further to this, participants will receive a $100 credit off the price of Certification One.

Cost - $140.00

Time : 9.00 – 4.00

More info on CCIP email: madbeader@westnet.com.au

Phone: Melanie on 02 66845576

For more info check: http://metalclay.com.au/gallery/instructors.html



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Grafton Artsfest and private tuition workshop examples


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