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Qantas Frequent Flyer earning calculator

One of the things which has always frustrated me is the lack of 'smarts' in the Qantas QFF points earned calculator.

Some of the things it can't handle include:

After discussing this with some fellow members on the Australian Frequent Flyer Forum, I was inspired to see what I could do to make things easier.

So here it is, my QFF earning calculator:

Download: QFF earning calculator V0.4 (MS Excel, 471kb)

Things to do

This is still a work in progress, so here's what's still to be done in no specific order:

Version history


Release date

Change history



  • Status calculations now fixed completely, will now factor in lifetime statuses at start of planned travel, or those earned in the process of travel.
  • Loyalty bonus calculations added.
  • GCM link corrected to ensure miles and not nautical miles returned.
  • Additional MPG formula column fixes, cabin and status bonus points now correctly calculated on base points and not mileage.
  • summary of results now included at top of sheet in full.



  • Minimum points guarantee (MPG) calculation order issue fixed.
  • Value proposition fields ($/sc, $/point) added, along with tracking of per-sector costs.
  • Clean-up of information display.
  • Print layouts for calculator pages finalised, will print without problems on a single page.



  • Spreadsheet operating mode completed.
  • points/sc's are calculated on status at start of sector.
  • Status credits resolved in full, carriers & class parings which earn no points/status automatically ineligible (overrides any specified earning multiplier).
  • Minimum points guarantee by carrier and class of travel implemented.



Initial version.

Flights miles will need to be added manually, but 'click for GCM' column is set as hyperlink to directly to Great Circle Mapper to determine miles flown.

Still debugging issues including:

  • status credits received for each flight,
  • differing amount of points awarded based on carrier and class of travel.