Date: 1st December 2005                               Opponents: Tigers                                                                 Result: Win 4-0

A new team to the competition, the Tigers, and although not pretty the result speaks for itself. A hard fought game with a number of players feeling the wrath of the referees yellow card (not me J though I only just missed out). Andy copped a hard knock but Nath made sure the opposition paid for it with a heavy hit to the guys head with a misplaced elbow. It was great to see that roughness does not pay and the Tigers will need to make some alterations to their game if they expect to do any better next time. Special mention to Graeme who kept for the whole game and did not let the opposition score. Goal Scorers (Graeme: 1, Nath: 1, Michelle C: 1, Andy :1)

Date: 17th June 2005                         Opponents: Three Amigos                                                    Result: Win 6-3

With Graeme and Michelle C back in the team and a new ring in (Philip) we were able to come away with a win. It was cold and late but everyone stepped up and the result was a great team effort. How could we lose with the Germans on our side! Philip set the tone with 4 goals but no one else could reciprocate. Our passes were out maneuvering the opposition leaving plenty of space for a great shot on goal, I think our major problem is we forgot how to get the ball in the net we are not used to having open space. A win however was the result and we should hold onto 4th (equal) position on the ladder. Goal scorers (Philip:4 Mike:2)

Date: 17th June 2005                         Opponents: PWC United                                                       Result: Loss 1-5

With the majority of team players injured including some of those playing it didn’t look good from the outset. With Myles and Dean filling in for the injured Andy, Manus and Graeme and Mike playing with a suspected broken toe we put up a good fight but we beaten convincingly by 4 goals. Goal scorers (Mike:1)

Date: 26th May 2005                                     Opponents: Sexual Chocolate                                               Result: Loss 6-2

Our first encounter with the top of the table team was one not to remember. With Andy out injured the guys rotated the goalie duties and in Mikes usual goalie form he let through a number of goals although they were all decent shot by the opposition. Everyone will remember the blue short guy who every goal he scored must have thought he had won a world championship coz he acted like it. Even at 4-1 his celebrations were worthy of a gold medalist at the Olympic games. The end result was a loss by 4 goals and an opportunity for us to examine our game and try to work on some improvement points. Goal scorers (Graeme: 1 Mike:1)

Date: 19th May 2005                                     Opponents: Bee-Dee-Pee’s                                                  Result: Win  4-3

We finally did it we have won a game in first division but it was not easy. Mike got the team of to a great start with two goals in the opening minutes. The sidelines were alive again and the “Passion” was there. That’s about al we heard from the sidelines however much to the disappointment of the referee. Graeme and Mike consolidated the lead in the second half with 1 goal each and we were able to stop the opposition scoring more than 3 goals. Both Andrew and Michelle C had to retire hurt after being injured during the game although Michelle was able to make a comeback later in the game. Graeme took over from Andrew in the goals and provided solid defense. Overall a great team effort to take our first win in division 1. Goal scorers (Mike: 3, Graeme: 1)

Date: 11th May 2005                                     Opponents: JBs                                                                     Result: Loss 4-5

Well we may not have lost by as much as last time we played JBs but it was still a loss and such a close one too. It was a game of ups and downs. I think everyone was asleep until 5 minutes into the second half. The score was 4 to 2 after Graeme put us on the board with 2 early goals. It was looking like JBs would have another easy win when the sidelines made some noise. Shouts of “dare to win” came from the small crowd and the team lifted. Mike “bent it like Beckham” from a centre kick and it was 4-3. After that shots were fired from everywhere and the JBs must have felt like the Germans in an ambush. Only 1 goal was scored however and the scores were level. With seconds remaining the opposition enticed us to relax our defense with an opportunity to score; they got a sideline kick in, made a quick pass and kicked the ball towards our unmanned goal and it went through as the siren sounded. A great hard-fought battle but a win would have been much easier to take. Goal scorers (Graeme: 2, Mike: 2)

Date: 5th May 2005                                       Opponents: Three Amigos                                                    Result: Loss 3-5

Another loss in our new division. Division one is not looking promising for us. Poor Michelle C was caught on the tracks of the steam train aka mike and suffered a bad blow to the knee. A nice bruise is proof of the direct hit. Graeme and Andy provided good defense in goals but too many times were left one-on-one with the oppositions and even the best of goalies can only stop so many. Mike has made claim to three goals however only one was official after the other two were defections by the opposition from mike’s sideline passes. The third was nothing to be proud of as a lob from the other end was misjudged by the goalie and slipped through his fingers. Manus training seems to be paying off as he looked fit running all over the court. We have only one way to go from here and that is up so lets get a win on the board with a 10:05 game next week. Goal scorers (Mike:1, Opposition:2)

Date: 21st April 2005                                      Opponents: JBs                                                                     Result: Loss 1-4

A disappointing loss because the margin should have been closer. A few good shots by the other team resulted in the margin blow out and a loss by three goals. The only shining LED (small light less brighter than a star) was Graeme with a goal in the late stages of the first half. With a bye coming up next week it will give us an opportunity to reflect on the loss and look to the future and build on our solid start to the season. Goal scorers (Graeme:1)

Date: 14th April 2005                                     Opponents: Danger Squad                                                    Result: Win 6-1

We all played really well, we were passing like kids playing pass the parcel.  The girls were all in great positioning and Andy’s foot wouldn’t miss which makes a change from the other games.  Our opponents were not the best team in the world but it was a good win all the same, especially coming off a loss last week. Goal scorers this week were (Andy 3, Michelle C 1, Shozza 1, Graeme 1)

Date: 7th April 2005                                       Opponents: Pass It To Us Girls                                            Result: Loss 2-3

Our winning streak is over with a disappointing loss this week. With an even match the whole game the opposition managed to sneak a lucky goal as the ball passed just out of reach of Graeme in goals and dropped quickly to land in the goals. Not much else to say this week we were beaten by good use of the ball and good passes from the opposition. For a detailed analysis of where we went wrong speak to Manus. Goal scorers this week were (Michelle C: 1 Graeme: 1)

Date: 24th March 2005                                  Opponents: Insert Name Here                                             Result: Win 4-3

Well we have done it. We have managed to win three games in a row, it has been a while. The goals where spread out across the team with Graeme, Andrew, Michelle C and Tanya contributing. Andrew netted a superb shot from the boundary stopping the other team in their tracks. The passes across the court were going off a bit like Mikes headers it was a pity that he had more control with his head than his foot with his shots for goal missing every time. It was a great team effort with everyone contributing to a well earned win. The prospects for the season are looking good provided we can maintain our second division status. Goals (Graeme: 1, Andrew: 1, Michelle C: 1, Tanya: 1)

Date: 24th March 2005                                  Opponents: Three Amigos                                                    Result: Win 4-3

A close one this week and we just managed to scrape over the line in the dying seconds of the game. Michelle C was going of like a frog in a sock for the second week in a row; Andy was once again solid in defense but had to hand over the goalie duties to Graeme at half time and Andy got to have a run. Graeme took over the goalie duties and looked right at home. Michelle R was kicking the ball harder than anyone else but the radar was slightly miss-aligned and the ball flew past the goals and out-of-bounds. Tanya was providing a concrete defense along with Manus. Manus scored the winning goal in the dying seconds with great poise. Mike who was feeling the heat took a blow down low and never really recovered. Goal scorers (Michelle C:2,  Manus:1,  Mike:1)

Date: 18th March 2005                                  Opponents: Eagle Warriors                                      Result: Win 6-4

Well what a game. We were up, down and then up again. Michelle was going of like a frog in a sock; Andy was his usual solid in defense although his aiming boot was not calibrated this week. Michelle and Shonagh provided some solid defense and some good blocks and passes allowing opportunities for others to take the run. Manus was robbed by the referee of his second goal but scored his first under extreme pressure in front of the goals. Mike was firing from everywhere and was using his head to take the most of the opportunities presented, helped out by Graeme providing a great decoy. Graeme also pulled out the curve ball to score a goal from side on. What did all this mean? We triumphed with a win 6 to 4 with the goal scorers (Mike:4,  Manus:1.5,  Graeme:1)