15P Finlay

Closest to Sun on 2014 Dec 27 at 0.97AU.
Closest to Earth on 2015 Jan 15 at 1.39AU.
Maximum magnitude 8 in January 2015
Orbital period:  6.5 years

15P Finlay outburst!

Appearance nearly 6 days after outburst.

Appearance nearly 5 days after outburst.

Appearance nearly 2 days after outburst.

Taken remotely in New Mexico. I-TEL T5. on 2015 Jan 17 at 01:50UT

15P Finlay in outburst!
2015 Jan 16 at 10:45UT
Comet appears about magnitude 8 and is highly condensed.
Image details: Canon 60Da + Sigma 200mm lens, 5x15 second exposure, cropped. Low altitude and twilight interference.

Comet Finlay brightened from magnitude 11 to 8 in a sudden outburst on Dec 18.
Note comet 15P is actually 0.4AU from Mars in real space.