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Cynthia J Verspaget  

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Artists Bio:

Cynthia Verspaget, formerly an artist in residence at SymbioticA at the University of Western Australia and currently located as a Lecturer at Curtin University of Technology in Media and Information, is a diverse artist whose works encompass disciplines such as new media and bio art. Her work hopes to challenge knowledge and practice systems such as biological and technological sciences and artistic practices.




e d u c a t i o n



2007 current PhD (Media and Information) Provisional Candidacy & APA scholarship recipient
2006 Bachelor of Arts (Media Society and Culture) Hons
2005 Masters of Creative Arts (Media Society and Culture), part study
Curtin University of Technology, WA
2004 Masters of Science (Anatomy), Preliminary/ part study, The University of Western Australia, WA
2002 Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts)
Curtin University of Technology,  Western Australia.
1998 Diploma in Visual Arts (Photography) RMIT VET, Victoria.




s e l e c t e d   e x h i b i t i o n s   &  i n d u s t r y


2007  BIOS 4,  Incubra, Collaboration with Adam Fiannaca, CAAC, Sevilla, Spain.

2006 TekniKunst’06,  Incubra, Collaboration with Adam Fiannaca, North Melbourne Town Hall with performance at The Meta Market, Victoria.

2006 Avoiding Definition, curated by Meredith Godley, 1 minute Woodland Goddess, The projection Lounge, Northbridge, WA

2005 BEAPWORKS ’04, TerraSinda, Interactive virtual art “game” world, John Curtin Gallery, Curtin University of Technology, WA

2004 Data Difference, TerraSinda, Interactive virtual game world, spectrum art space, WA

2004 t-minus  A time lapse film festival, film shown :'Apoptosis Now', New York, USA.

2004 BioDifference, The Anarchy Cell Line ,Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, The University of Western Australia, WA

2002 SofA (group) ,Degree Show, School Of Art, Curtin University of Technology, WA.

2002 BIO FEEL (group) ,VIVO Arts Student Representation, PICA, Perth, WA

1997 BOND (group) ROAR Galleries, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, VIC

1996 CORPUS (solo) RMIT Union Arts Space II, RMIT, VIC

1996 Drei Kopfen (group) ROAR Galleries, Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, VIC

1996 Excerpts (group) Graduation Exhibition, RMIT First Gallery, VIC

1995 TOUCH (solo) Polyester Bookstore Gallery, Brunswick St Fitszroy, VIC

1995 A Walk In The Park (solo) Performance, Memorial Gardens, VIC

1995 Fresh (group) Graduation Exhibition, Selected undergrad Invited exhibitor, Steps Gallery, VIC



r e l e v e n t   w o r k  h i s t o r y   &   i n d u s t r y   e x p e r i e n c e


2005 Sessional Academic, Internet Studies, Internet Communications, Media, Society and Culture, Media and Information Curtin University of Technology, WA

2004 Teachers Assistant & substitute Lecturer to cover maternity leave, Art & Life Manipulation unit, Science and Art research Laboratory, SymbioticA, The University of Western Australia.

2004 Resident at SymbioticA (Art & Science Research), Department of Anatomy & Human Biology, University of Western Australia, residence funded by ArtsWA & Lotteries West

2003 Independent Artist, based in Perth Western Australia

2003 Web designer, freelance, Perth Western Australia

2002 BEAP Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth, Audio support, postproduction audio assistance. Bio Feel assistant hostess, Perth Western Australia.

2001 Student Research Group School of Art, Curtin University, Research on Dr Carol Rudyard, paper retained in document file at John Curtin Gallery, Curtin University, Western Australia.

1998-2000 Freelance Graphic Designer, Western Australia.

1997 Sessional Academic and Curriculum Co-Author, Forensic Photography, Sciences Department, Swinbourne University, VET, Hawthorn, Victoria.

1996 President, VASA, (Visual Arts Students Association), RMIT VET, Victoria.

1996 Community Arts Worker, Womens Art group, Richmond City Council, Victoria.

1996 Curator of exhibition and President of Organisation committee, Excerpts, graduate VET Visual Arts exhibition, RMIT First Gallery, RMIT, Melbourne, Victoria.

1996 Curator RANT! Art space, Student Arts Union, RMIT, Melbourne Victoria.




r e s e a r c h   p r o j e c t s




Spatial incursions, GIS/MIS and web Technology, the Visualisation of Military Information Systems.

Dehumanisation in science & Gene /Tissue Copyright in Art.

Research for AIS group re: art object space launches for artists.

START group, facilitating technology networks for artists.




m o s t   r e c e n t   s p o n s o r s h i p s



Arts WA, recipient of ArtFlight for 2006, Visual Arts and Craft Board, to attend and speak at  Electrofringe.


Arts WA, recipient of New Work Grant for 2006, MultiArts, Theatre, IncuBra.


Crown Scientific, sponsorship of Crygenic unit and associated support for display of The Anarchy Cell Line during BioDifference 2004

Beapworks 04 & ArtsWA for TerraSinda development

Beapworks 04 & ArtsWA for Anarchy Cell Line presentation of biological art works development

Arts WA, recipient of New Work Grant for 2003, Visual Arts and Craft Board.

Omnistar Fugro Group 2002, Covert Global Positioning Unit, Software, Support and collaboration.




p u b l i c a t i o n s ,    i n t e r v i e w s   &   r e v i e w s  




2006 Aminima, Contemporary Visual and Conceptual Proposals, Art & Biology, Issue 18, 2006 pp 22-38 Essay, Departament de Cultura,  Spain.

2006 JJJ/ABC radio, Sunday Nights Safran,  Religion, Politics and Hoochies, with Father Bob December 10

2006 SBS Radio WORLDVIEW, IncuBra Interview in situ, December.

2006 SBS Radio Alchemy, IncuBra Interview @ SBS studios, Melbourne, December.

2006 visual and textual citation of work Anarchy Cell Line, Leonardo Online Journal, Leonardo 39.5 October 2006, in article by Julie Joy Clarke titled Corporeal Mélange – Aesthetics and Ethics? In Stelarc and Nina Sellars ‘Blender’

2004 CD-Rom anthology, Art, Biotechnologies & Artificial Life, produced and edited by The Groupe de recherche en arts médiatiques ‘GRAM” at Université du Québec à Montreal. Comprices of a CD-Rom for inclusion in a book of essays, Art & Biotechnologies, to be published by Presses de l¹Université du Québec.

2004 Data Difference, Bio Difference Catalogue/Gallery guide

2003 AFWA, members publications, images from DNA on Ebay 2002

2003 JJJ, Interview with SymbioticA and resident artists September 2nd & 4th 2003

2001 Scan CD ROM, invited artist for Curtin University of Technology degree publication

1996 Design Gallery CD ROM, Design educational CD ROM, invited Artist, RMIT VET School of Design.



2006 BNews, IncuBra,   Digital Women in Control, by Daren  Pope, December 30. Note: please note that Adam  
Fiannaca is also a collaborating artist on the project which was not mentioned in the article. 

2006 BEAT Magazine. IncuBra,  Gendertopia, by Ben Convey, 06 Dec 2006, Issue: Beat #1042, p.30. 

2006  The Age, 'M’ magazine, IncuBra, The Age, Victoria, Up Front, Battle of the Cyber Sexes, by John Bailey, December
3 2006, p.5.

2006   The Age, 'M’ magazine, IncuBra , Victoria,  Preview, Review of Gendertopia, Penny Webb,
December 17, 2006, p.43.

2006  Herald Sun, IncuBra,  Victoria,  Anger on art 'porn' by Kelvin Healey,December 10

2005 The West Australian, TerraSinda, sat 19th Feb 2005-02-27, Simon Blonde

2004 The Australian, Anarchy Cell Line, Friday 1st October 2004, Victoria Laurie Put on the lab coats, bring on the clones

2004 The West Australian, TerraSinda, Sat 2nd October 2004, Ric Spencer Social handle on high-tech

2004 RealTime & ON Screen, TerraSinda, October to November 2004, Kristy Darlaston Try walking in my shoes

2004  RealTime & On screen, TerraSinda, October to November 2004, Christy Dena Configuring the verandah space



2007 Bios4 Conference,  IncuBra: The monstrous feminine challenges the practice of bioart, CAAC,  Sevilla, Spain.

2006 Electrofringe Festival Conference, Gender panel, TekniKunst 'Perspectives of GenderTopia', IncuBra, Newcastle Arts Festival, Newcastle, NSW.

2006 Science Communicators , guest lecturer The Amazing Human Body Exhibition  The University of Western Australia, UWA, Crawley campus

2006 Australian Science Communicators of WA, The Amazing Human Body Exhibition - a wonderful opportunity to learn about our bodies or gross exploitation of prisoners? The University Club, UWA, Crawley campus

2006 Sci Tech, Gen Tech Cutting Edge Lecture Series 2006, How Private is your DNA? Are we as a scientific community, ready to listen to the concerns of the general community? SciTech Cafe Scientifque

2005 TerraSinda presented at The poetics of Australian space by Russell Smith 2005

2005 TerraSinda presented in Budapest at the Australian Walkers and Space Conference by Pauline Williams 2005

2005 Floor talk at The John Curtin Gallery for BEAPWORKS 04, TerraSinda

2005 Presentation of TerraSinda for Siggraph and CLEAR for BEAPWORKS 04

2004 Conference presentation, TerraSinda for DataDfference conference at TAFE Central, WA

2004 Floor talk at the Lawrence Wilson Gallery for BioDifference, Anarchy Cell Line

2004 January Guest Speaker at Beyond the Keyboard, speakers and panel members; Faith Wilding of Subrosa, Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr of SymbioticA, Kira O'Reilly, Guy Ben-Ary and Dr Stuart Bunt, BlackBox, Northbridge, WA

2004 January, Workshop co-presenter of DNA Kitchen at Beyond the Keyboard, BlackBox, Northbridge, WA