Hammo's Famous Chile Sauce 

Makes a extremely well flavoured sauce with just enough hots' and tang for most to enjoy.  Recipe will make around 350-450 ml or 4 small bottles..

Ingredients :

1.5 Ltr; White Vinegar
2 Teaspoons sugar
2 Pinches of Salt
30-50 chile (medium size) 
4 Large Apples
3 Cloves garlic
6 Large Tomatoes

Procedure :

Pour vinegar into a medium size pan. Cut ends and tops off chile and add to vinegar while bringing to slow simmer. After all chile's have been added, next peel and cut apples into quarters; add to mixture along with sugar. 

Next blanch tomatoes and remove skins, then add all to mixture. Bring to the boil and add garlic, continue to boil for 15 minutes then reduce heat until the mixture is at a slow simmer. Continue to simmer for 90 minutes checking every 15 minutes.

Next use a blender and puree the mixture...push mixture through a sieve leaving seeds and skins behind.

Next fill a bowl with warm water and immerse the sieve allowing the undissolved skins to float to the top. Remove  all the skins in this manner leaving the chile seeds in the sieve, these are now returned to the strained mixture and mixed through.

You are now ready to bottle your sauce into containers of your choice once cool.



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