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Space Marines Mod: Ultimate Marines.

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***** Note: This is work in progress, I still need to tweak a few things, like the squad and support caps, even though I have set these to 50, they still only reach 31 for squad and 22 for support,
must be something in the researches I have missed.

Update: 26/01/2008, I have found what I missed on the researches, the squad and support caps are now at 50, but the support jumps quite high at the start, nothing I can do about it. *****


This is a very quickly setup web site that I have put together for the mod that I created, Ultimate Marines, for Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War: Dark Crusade. I will here place instructions for its install and use, even though not very hard to use but mostly for the installation of the mod to work.

Please forgive any errors in spelling mistakes or the like as this was a 5 minute webpage... :)

First of all, I will list instructions on how to install the mod, then I will give the link to download, mainly so people will read instructions first as to get it right the first go without problems.

1. After you have downloaded, you will see file, right-click on it and select Extract all... from the menu.
2. After that has finished, you will see a folder called ultimate_marines, inside of this is a folder called Attrib. In here you will find 5 more folders, no need to worry about them, this is where the modified RGD files are kept that the game reads.
3. Simply right-click on the Attrib and select Copy from the menu.
4. Now goto where you have Dark Crusade installed, by default that should be something like C:\Program Files\THQ\Dawn of War - Dark Crusade, in here you will see a folder called DXP2, go into it and you will see a folder called Data.
5. Just right-click on the Data folder and select Paste from the menu, this will place the Attrib folder into the main data folder of Dark Crusade meaning that you will not have to enable the mod through the games Mod Manager.

To uninstall, simply just deleteor move the Attrib folder from the Data folder, this will revert DoW back to normal.

The mod will be active as soon as you start Dark Crusade and start playing, whether it is playing the campaign or a skirmish game, the mod is active, to test this, just start a skirmish game, any map, select any AI player and start the game. First thing you should see, you start with a Servitor as usual, but there is a Scout Marine Squad... ;)

Added to this, you should also notice that your HQ is producing a little more Requisition then normal. Well without holding you up any further, here is the link you want:

Space Marines Mod: Ultimate Marines.

For those of you who would like a full list of things I did, here goes: That's all I can remember right now, still a work in progress, going to decrease to scout squad weapon upgrade to 5 to match the number of members, thinking of lowering the number of members to a tactial marine squad and heavy weapon upgrades too. There are a few other things I thought about doing too, like increasing the number of heavy weapons for the terminators from 2 to 4 for starters (done 16/01/2008), that's even before I think about the support, like increase the limit on Predators, whirlwinds and Land Raiders. I have now done the Predators and Whirlwinds, will do the Land Raiders later on.

Now a note about Multiplayer, the mod should work if you team up with a friend and fight the AI, but you would have to make sure that your friend has the mod running also, or otherwise you will get the "data sync error" when starting a game, so as long as all players have the mod running then everything will be fine so you can slaughter the enemies of the Imperium of Man.

REMEMBER: this does upset the balance of the game, I created this to have some fun with the mod tools and wage all out warfare on the AI in skirmish battles, I love going up against the Orks (Green skins... Purge the beasts...) on hard difficult level, myself and brother have had this mod running and played LAN game against 4 AI opponents for even more fun. So I don't see why it would not work for you and a friend or friends online.

If you have a suggestion or two for the mod that you would like to see, you may email me and please have something in the subject line that I will notice so it does not get deleted by the spam filter, like Ultimate Marines mod, or Dawn of War mod, or Dark Crusade, something I will notice, Have fun... :)