Multiple Industry New (M.I.N) Tutorial.
configure the M.I.N, part A, Produce a Product.

In this tutorial, you'll see how to setup & configure the M.I.N to only produce a product without consuming anything. This could come in handy if you wish an industry just to produce something, paper rolls for example like I have done for a paper mill near a sawmill. In this example, I have 'imagined' that the paper mill gets the woodchips direct from the sawmill without the need for trainsportation. You maybe able to see that I also have another M.I.N setup & configured for general goods, these are 'imagined' to be furniture, again I have 'imagined' that the furniture industry gets the lumber direct from the sawmill. I will do my best to explain things simply as I can, in terms that I use to understand what things do, like Queues is what products to work with, Processes is what to do with those products & so on.

Ok, lets start getting the ball rolling. You may click any image to view a larger version.

New Queues tab with nothing addedStep 1: First of all, workout where you would like the M.I.N to go & what it is going to do, consume, produce or both, the easy bit. Once done, open the properties box, resize it so you can work easier.

Add the product to the queueStep 2: Click on the Queues tab, then click on the black + sign, the add queue box wil open in front of you, scroll & find the product you wish to use, in my case its Paper Rolls.

Queues Tab with product addedStep 3: After you have added your Product, next thing to set is the Size, this is the maximum number of Paper Rolls the M.I.N will hold, just like any other industry, when this is reached the processes will shut down & stop. Note: some products are limited to a size of 256. Now, next to the Product, you'll see Items: 200 Items (200 Units), by clicking on the number you can set the Initial amount. This is the amount that the M.I.N will actually start with ready to be loaded into a vehicle (rolling stock), so if you have a train that's starting near the M.I.N ready to be loaded (like I have) you set this to how many the train will hold. But, if the train is a distance away from the M.I.N or if the train has just loaded then you could set this lower & let the M.I.N process upto what is needed, like a normal industry.

Add the product to the queueStep 4: Now we click on the Products tab, in here we assign a vehicle to the product that we have in the Queues. So by default there will be None beside Vehicle, click on None & from the list select vehicle (the piece of rolling stock) that you wish to use.

Select the vehicle from the listStep 4a: Select your vehicle (rolling stock) from the available in the list, this is the ones that the M.I.N has detected that are compatible with the Product in the Queue. Note: that if there is nothing listed, reason for this is that you must have vehicles (rolling stock) on the layout in advance so the M.I.N can detect them, this way it knows what vehicles (rolling stock) is able to carry the product you have in the queue. At the same time, you can set if it shows Items, Tonnes or Litres in the Load Size by clicking on Items, Tonnes or Litres to change it.

Set how the M.I.N will act, load into or unload fromStep 5: Click on the Tracks tab, this is where we set what actually happens when the vehicle (rolling stock) stops at the M.I.N, in this case we are only producing, therefore we only need to load. Next to Mode, click until is says Load into vehicle & next to Queue, select queue1, it should be by default as its the only queue we have from memory.

Configure the M.I.N to Produce our ProductStep 6: Nearly finished, this is pretty much the heart & soul of the M.I.N where the processes will take place. The main thing to remember here is that everything on the LEFT of the red arrow is consume, everything on the RIGHT of the red arrow is produce. In this case, we are going to setup the M.I.N to produce a product for us, so as you can see in the screenshot, the Paper Rolls are on the right of the red arrow. Beauty of the M.I.N, you don't need to consume anything to produce something if you don't want to. Options here, Start Enabled: True, well leave it set to true of course, Duration: 30, in this case the M.I.N will produce however Items you set in 30 seconds, click the 30 to change it if you wish. Next to our product you'll see Produce: 4 Items (4 Units), click 4 Items to change it. Ok, in conjunction with the duration, the process will do, every 30 seconds 4 items of Paper Rolls will be produced until it reaches the size limit, remember in step 3 about size?

Well that's it, done. There is nothing to them once you have set a couple up, I have used them in quite a few places on my own layout, they are great. Like I said, once you have set one or two up, they are very easy, as long as you remember the 3 golden rules, 1) On the left of the red arrow in consume & on the right is produce. 2) You must have the vehicle (rolling stock) that you wish to use placed on the layout before you try to setup the M.I.N & 3) If you have any problems don't hesitate to ask at the forums, that's what the community is here for... :)