A BARE BONES PICAXE-08M2 CW ID'er  - Programmed in "BASIC"!!!


This is the art work for a very basic CW ID'er circuit board. This REVERSE image as usual, was drawn with MS Paint and copied to glossy "Presentation Paper"

with a laser printer/copier. It must be scaled down to 5.03cm H x 6.0cm W. I use Word for windows to scale and print. This is one of many projects I have used the

 Hewlett Packard glossy "Presentation Paper". This is the paper to use!!!!! It's very light weight at 120 g/sm and glossy on both sides. Also, it's A4 in size at

216mm x 279mm (8" x 11") and made by Hewlett-Packard, Product No. CG988A. It is awesome paper for making back yard single sided circuit boards!

YES, it's only 120 g/sm !!! It's like glossy magazine paper.


PICAXE-08M2 CWID'er Art Work     PICAXE-08M2 CWID'er Schematic     PICAXE-08M2 CWID'er "BASIC" Program


For an ID'er, all it needs is 13.8VDC on the power terminals and a 5VDC trigger on the COR terminals and it will ID




PICAXE-08M2 CW Beacon #1 "BASIC" Program  PICAXE-08M2 CW Beacon #2 "BASIC" Program  PICAXE-08M2 CW Beacon #3 "BASIC" Program

   15 second silence between CW beacons                                        13 second tone between CW beacons                                       10 1/2 second CW beeps between beacons


For a beacon, all it needs is 13.8VDC on the power terminals and it will CW beacon every 15 seconds


The art work and prepared copper before going through the laminator.


After going through the laminator 10 times.


In the sink with hot water. Total time was about 45 seconds. It will lift off on its own. NO peeling!


Starting to lift.




Floating away on its own!








The special H. P. presentation paper. You can see how the high gloss has released with the laser printer toner. Perfect transfer!


Out of the Ammonium Persulphate and drilled, top view.


Drilled, bottom view.




The finished CW ID'er board with all parts soldered on.