Powered by a "PICAXE" microcontroller chip.


So what's in it? 

1]  Hall effect throttle.  (Oatley Electronics)

2]  24 VDC, 18 Amp, 500 watt, permanent magnet, brush DC motor. (Oatley Electronics) 

3]  Uses #25 chain. 11 tooth drive sprocket and an 55 tooth driven sprocket. (Electric Scooter Parts U.S. web site)

4]  Two 12 Volt 26Ah SLA glass mat batteries electrically in series. (Jaycar Electronics)

5]  A PICAXE-08M chip using the Pulsed Width Modulation feature. The required program is only a few lines of code in "BASIC".

6]  Main power MOSFET module.  Requires 3-32 VDC input, switches 30 VDC @ 100 Amps max. The MOSFET is driven directly from the PICAXE PWM output pin. See Below. (Jaycar Electronics, Part   

       No. SY-4086)

7]  35 Amp bridge rectifier as a kick back or flyback diode. (Jaycar Electronics)

8]  60 Amp, 24 Volt relay.  (this relay is just something I had in my junk box)

9]  120 Amp battery isolator. (Jaycar Electronics)

10]  (new) New Headlight,  Super high intensity MR16 replacement. See below. (Jaycar Electronics. Part No.ZD-0356) Bright Red LED's for the rear light.

11]  Top speed.... about 40km / hr. (fast enough that I purchased a bicycle helmet)

12]  Weight - 49.6 Kg.



PICAXE-08M E-bike Schematic (soon    What it used to look like before the conversion     PICAXE-08M E-Bike Code     LINK to the PICAXE-08M Electric Scooter



THE PICAXE-08M Electric Bike


24VDC, 500 Watt DC Motor with an 11 tooth drive sprocket to a 55 tooth driven sprocket


Motor, Fuse, Batteries and PICAXE-08M Controller 



Just another view


The PICAXE-08M Electric Bike Controller with an attempt at a Dynamic Braking feature.  (this picture is not the completed controller)



The New Head Light

ZD-0356 MR16 LED Downlight 300 Lumen White

Rated voltage: 6 - 24V 

LED life: 40,000 hours
Beam angle: 30
Colour temperature: 5500K
Brightness: 300 lumens!!!
Dimensions: 50(Dia) x 40(D)mm



Main Scooter Transistor

Output Circuit
Load Voltage: 0-30VDC
Load Current: 0.02-100A
Max On-State Resistance: 0.007Ohms
Max On-State Voltage Drop: 0.35V Max Turn On Time: 0.5ms
Max Turn Off Time: 0.5ms
Max Surge Current: 240A (10ms)

Input Circuit
Control Voltage: 3-32VDC
Control Current: 28mA max.
Min Turn Off Voltage: 1.0VDC
Input Resistance: 1.2kOhms