The older PICAXE-18X chip is now obsolete but the PICAXE web site says the new PICAXE-18M2 chip is backwards compatible, but it's NOT for this project! You need to use a PICAXE-18X chip. At some point in the future I will etch out a new version of the controller for the PICAXE-18M2 chip.


Using a 5VDC relay for switching the audio and 12VDC relays for switching the PTT, Fan and a Spare Output.

The 3 relays at the bottom of the picture are 12 volt relays and the relay at the upper left is a 5 volt relay.


Controller Art Work with relays     Controller Schematic with relays     Controller "BASIC" Program


Controller Bill of Material with Relays   Link to PICAXE-18X Controller Board w/MOSFET's