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Please note that it would be impossible for us to check and monitor the suitability of all the Buteyko Practitioners throughout the world. The data on this page should be used as a means for obtaining further information only and should not be treated in any way as a recommendation of the suitability of any or all of these practitioners. It is your responsibility to ensure the appropriate quality standards of a Buteyko practitioner.

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Jac Vidgen
Buteyko Breathing Asia
mobile 9378 5185

Claire Benton Dip.B.M.(Aust)
Asthma-Buteyko Therapy Centre
Physio Central
Unit 1203, 12th Floor, The Centrium
60 Wyndam St, Central H.K.
Also, Island Health, Discovery Bay
Hong Kong.
Phone: Country code (852) W: 2592-8986
Mobile: 0413-990489


Israeli Therapis
Dr.Lev Shpetrik and Inna Bar
Mercaz Ripui Neshimati(M.R.N.)
2 Haalia Hashnia Str.
Petah Tikva
Tel: ++972 3 9319740

Buteyko Israel
Margalit Noam MBIBH
"Linshom Me-hadash"
198 Ahuzah street , Ra'anana
Tel: ++972-9-7724783

Jac Vidgen
Buteyko Breathing Asia
Manila and occasionally other provinces
mobile 0919 635 6060
Manila contact: Milen (02) 647 7908


Melvin Mok
Buteyko Breathing Singapore
Mobile No. (65) 90253389


Jac Vidgen
Buteyko Breathing Asia
Tel/Fax: 66 2 254 9073
49/17 Ruam Rudi Soi 3
Pathumwan, Bangkok
Tel. 02 253 2614
Mobile (0) 8 9824 7766

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