Well then maybe you haven't heard from me yet. I wish I had 50% of my lungs left then I believe I would be doing better than I'm doing now, but unfortunately I only have 20% and since Buteyko I'm getting alot better and I haven't even seen a practioner yet. I was on a nebulizer machine every two hours for 24 hours and that means I was up every two hours at night also and sometimes It was every hour. I was on every inhaler you can think of and so many pills I can't remember. My doctors said they had nothing else to give me because I was maxed out. They also told me there was nothing else they could do for me. I was at the emergency room three to four times a week and in the hospital twice a month sometimes a week at a time and sometimes two weeks at a time. I also have a portable machine I take everywhere I go and I used to have to use it within an hour after leaving my house. It has been almost a year since I've used it.I can go days now without using the nebulizer machine and when I do have to use it, I will use only one vial all day long instead of 15 or 20 a day. I still use my inhaler but I'm hoping after I take the course I can discard it although I will still take it with me wherever I go. For the first time in ten years I'm beginning to have a life and hope and it is all because of Buteyko. I don't understand how any one that has tried Buteyko can say it doesn't work. The bad thing is I know I could even do better but I'm like alot of people on this support group I keep slaking off because I'm doing so good or I just get lazy. I guess I'm one of the few people that can understand why Ken defends Buteyko, I guess because without Buteyko we wouldn't have much of a life or I know I wouldn't. I love nature and now instead of always sitting in the house I can take walks and living in Arizona there is lots of nature to see. I thank God every day for giving me another day and Buteyko. I sure hope you do not give up on Buteyko, I mostly reduce my breathing at least 90 min. a day and watch what I eat. I'm practicing reading aloud and breathing through my nose several times a day and I'm getting pretty good at it. I don't say I don't still have problems but it's usually because I've gotten lazy again. I just believe if Buteyko can help me it can help you and so many more. I would also like to hear from more people with emphysema and their progress. Betty

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