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1. Buteyko Books

These are not DIY/Self help manuals

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Dr. Buteyko’s lecture in the Moscow State University on 9 December 1969

(English translation)
With Dr. Artour Rakhimov’s comments
This is an absolutely essential book for the serious Buteyko student. The book is a translation of a lecture given by Dr. Buteyko on his theory, which he explains rationally and in great detail. Dr. Artour Rakhimov has researched this lecture thoroughly and provided invaluable comments and annotations in the form of foot notes providing contextual, cultural, language and scientific background information. Clearly an enormous amount of work has gone into preparing this 56 page book.
The book is available for sale from Click Here

Every Breath you take

by Dr. Paul Ameisen MD

ISBN 1 86302 567 7 (AU)
Paul Ameisen has been a general medical practitioner for over 20 years both in the city and in the country. Having treated thousands of asthmatics with the latest techniques in asthma management, he was struck by two patients, a mother and daughter, who had made a dramatic recovery from asthma following a Buteyko treatment program. Dr. Ameisen's scientifc curiosity led him to investigate the Buteyko phenomenon. He now uses the method on his own patients, and has published this fascinating book on the Buteyko technique.

Freedom from Asthma

by Alexander Stalmatsky

ISBN 1 85626 268 5 (UK) Alexander Stalmatsky is Buteyko's right hand man and was chosen by him to bring Buteyko therapy to the west. He is down-to-earth, extremely forthright and one of the world's most outstanding and experienced Buteyko practitioners.

Breathing free

by Teresa Hale

ISBN 0-340-72831-0 (UK) 264 pages, £9.99
Review 1: by Richard Friedel

What science and Professor Buteyko teach us about breathing

by Dr. Artour Rakhimov

This is the most comprehensive scientific work available in the west on Buteyko's work. Conducted by a PhD graduate, an ex-pat Russian, this work has explored original Russian texts as well as western and Russian scientific and medical literature. It is thoroughly referenced. The 300 pages are a must read for serious Buteyko students. A review is to appear here shortly. The book is priced at 70 Euro and is available in software downloadable form by accessing this web site.

Breathing, health, and quality of life

by Dr. Artour Rakhimov

The theoretical education of Buteyko students is the first necessary step emphasized by Professor Buteyko and his followers. The goal of this book is to provide this theoretical education so that a reader, after reading the book, will search a practitioner to learn the method. Victor made beautiful illustrations for this book and it is now available at: this web site. The book is available only in software downloadable PDF form. It has 80 pages (about 900 kB). The cost is Euro 15-00.

The Carbon Dioxide Syndrome

by Jennifer and Russell Stark

ISBN: 0-473-09610-2. Published by and available from Buteyko Online. The cost in Australia and NewZealand is AU$25, and every where else US$25. These prices include postage and handling. This book is to be reviewed shortly.

Asthma Free naturally

by Patrick McKeown.

Published worldwide by Harperthorsons.
ISBN: 0-00-721036-1
Price: 9.99 Sterling, US$16.95, CAN$23.95.
Available in book stores in all commonwealth countries. and from www.asthma-care.com

Anxiety Free: Stop Worrying and Quieten Your Mind

- The Only Way to Oxygenate Your Brain and Stop Excessive and Useless Thoughts Featuring the Buteyko Breathing Method and Mindfulness.

by Patrick McKeown.

[Paperback and CD]
Anxiety Free book and accompanying CD details the application of the Buteyko Method and mindfullness to help oxygenate the brain, reduce excessive thought activity and calm the mind. 240 pages of clearly written text with high quality illustrations make the book as user friendly as possible so the reader can apply self help exercises. 20 minute reduced breathing with relaxation CD
Price: 10.95 sterling
Free chapters available from http://www.buteykodvd.com/booksresource.html

Buteyko's Theory

by Vladimir and Marina Buteyko.

This book is available for free download. The first 51 pages are in Russian and the next 51 pages in English. The English is a little difficult to follow owing to a poor translation.

Dr. Buteyko's Discovery Trilogy

by Sergey Altukhov

Sergey Altukhov has written a comprehensive historical account of Dr. Buteyko and his work. Volume 1: UK-Pounds 50-. (pdf download)
Volume 2 not yet available - still being translated.
Available from: http://www.doctorbuteykodiscoverytrilogy.com/
Note: Sample chapters available for free download

Dutch books:

Leef gezond, adem rustig

by Masha Anthonissen-Kotousova

ISBN 90-202-0133-6
95 pages
Cost: dfl 10-, postage:dfl 30- (Total dfl 40, or approx US$16).

Source 1
Source 2

This is an outstanding book, technically correct and accurately reflecting the Buteyko method as it should be taught. It contains a wealth of useful practical information for anyone trying the Buteyko method on his own or with a practitioner.

Leven zonder astma dankzij de Buteyko Methode

Dick Kuiper

Cost: € 17,50
U kunt het boek direct bestellen door € 17,50 over te maken naar Giro 67 23 063 t.n.v. Buteyko Instituut Nederland, Wageningen (er zijn geen extra verzendkosten). Vermeld duidelijk uw naam en adres!!

2. Related Books

Hyperventilation Syndrome

by Dinah Bradley

ISBN 1 85626 166 2 (UK).

Breathe Well, Be Well

by Robert Fried PhD

ISBN 0-471-32436-1

Shut Your Mouth and Save Your Life

by George Catlin


George Catlin was a 19th Century adventurer and painter who travelled through the Americas studying the Native Indians. Originally a weak and unhealthy man, he was struck by the health and good looks of the Indians. He learned their secret.... they went to a lot of trouble to ensure that they and particularly their children always kept their mouths shut, especially at night when sleeping. He learned how to apply the principles to himself and was staggared by the upturn in his own health. Convinced that the unhealthy state of civilized man was due to their ignorance on the importance of nose-breathing, he set out on a crusade to try to reform the civilized world. This book is part of that crusade.

Catlin said at the end of his book: "If I had a million of dollars to give, to do the best charity I could with it, I would invest it in four millions of these little books and bequeath them to the mothers of the poor, and the rich, in all countries." I feel confident that George Catlin would be delighted to know his book is now available for free off the Buteyko web site.

Note: This book is extensively illustrated and comes with footnotes. It is available in two formats.

1. It has been prepared as a zipped up WORD-6 document indians.zip and needs to be unzipped and loaded into a WORD-6 (or greater) editor. If you find no footnotes or illustrations on the first few pages, try loading the extracted file indians.doc into your editor as a WORD-6 document.

2. You can now also download the book as a PDF file. You require Acrobat reader 4.0 or greater which you can get for free at: ACROBAT .

Download Catlin's book now! (INDIANS.ZIP)[272 kBytes]

Download Catlin's book now! (INDIANS.PDF)[1,285kBytes]

Please feel free to submit reviews of any of these books to Peter Kolb, for inclusion on this web site.

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