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This is Iain MacDonald from Glasgow, Scotland. I am 45 years old and have been an asthmatic virtually all my life. Latterly I was using ventolin inhaler very frequently (an inhaler lasted an average of 2 weeks) and taking 4 puffs 3 times a day of becloforte. I also took uniphyllin tablets twice a day and prednisolone tablets (2 to 20 mgs a day depending on how I was). I have been hospitalised a few times, including two spells in an intensive care unit.

I heard about the Buteyko method in August this year through an article in the Glasgow Herald . This article gave details of a course to be held in Glasgow in September and after attending a seminar which explained the theory of the Buteyko method I enrolled on the course.

The course consisted of one and a half hour sessions for five nights . There were twenty five people on the course and three presenters and assistants (from Australia and Russia). As well as the sessions with the others we were given exercises to do at home or work. The exercises were the same as the ones we did on the course. We were also under strict orders to go around with our mouths shut and to breathe through our noses at all times. In addition we were encouraged to tape up our mouths before going to sleep at night to ensure that we didn't breathe through our mouths during the night. I hated the idea of taping up my mouth but tried it on the second night of the course. Now I tape up each night! I get a better, less disturbed sleep with my mouth taped shut, and have grown used to looking silly!

By day 3 of the course I had cut my ventolin usage to 2 puffs a day. By the last day I had stopped using it .Other people on the course I spoke to reported similar improvements. I have now stopped using the ventolin and uniphyllin completely. I have cut down the pred to 1 mg a day, when I stop that I will cut down on ( and hopefully stop) using the beclforte.

The Buteyko method does require continuous application . We were told that we would have to do the exercises and be conscious of our breathing for a year or more . Even if it takes longer than this to breathe shallowly automatically I will continue to apply the method as it has made such a huge difference to my asthma.

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