(St.Petersburg, Russia)

3 month which changed my life

I want to tell about real story, which was with me. I want to tell about my Buteyko's training which turn back the motion of my illness. I was ill by asthma 20 years. In last 5 years I used inhalator 8 times per day. My illness progressed ahead slow.

Lets start with beginning.

I was born 07 of April 1968. The birth was very hard and it is possible, it put start my future problems and put stamp on my future destiny. My mother was very weak as she lived in blocked Leningrad in the Great Patriotic War. In childhood I was ill diathesis. In 2,5 years was started my allergy. The summer was a nightmare for me. Reaction was very high in summer flowers and grass. I had plentiful cold and irritation mucous cover of eyes. Also was very much abscesses on eyelids.

In 10 years I was carried pneumonia and got the first assaults (ed.: attacks) of asthma. In that time in Soviet Russia inhalators was deficit. And my assaults was by 10 days and more. I was started to use inhalators. salbutamol and asthmopent. It gave me a relief. But in strong assaults it could not help me. I was watched in best clinic of Moscow. I was treated in best clinic of Leningrad- The Firs Institute of Medicine. I was treated by acupuncture. May be course of acupuncture push my asthma in remission period. In 15 years my asthma assaults stopped. It was relief for me. I started physical exercises. It was liked for me. In that time I had grown stronger. I liked boxing, struggle, running but had to use inhalator periodically. Allergy tormented to me every summer. In my sport exercises I had got varicose on my foot . Also was became apparent external hemorrhoids. Every spring and autumn strong bronchitis bother of me. These bronchitis was more 1 month . Notwithstanding my sport training I had not good health

In 26 I went to extrasensory school as hoped to get health in this.

But I had a big problem. In this school was exercise - to "blow" internal energy through hands intensively. I had got high assault of asthma very fast. Half of years later I had the second assault of asthma which was 6 years of duration. But nothing inhalators could not help me. I took berotek. But it was a one hour relief. I was to use intal and ditek. Also I tried to acupuncture again - it not helped me.

This nightmare was to november 1999. I was 31. Nothing hope for me to get health. I thought it was my destiny to live with ditek and intal.

God be praised! My wife gave me book about Buteyko discovery. The author is Altoukhov S.G. This book shook me and turn over all my destiny. In this book I read about theory of Buteyko, history of development, fighting with enemies of Buteyko and using the method. All was logically and clearly. I believed in this at once. But was a problem. Where is the methodic? It was not In Altoukhov's book.

I sought a literature about that in Saint Petersburg. Nothing books and methodic was not in book shops. Also nothing information in clinics in Russia. I found of one book but in that book was not right methodic. I tried to contact with Altoukhov. He responded very fast and I very grateful to him.

He gave me materials and consultation about method. I started to Buteyko's method in December really. I started having only books. In the first days I stopped to breath by mouth and set in the method 10 min at morning and 10 min at evening. I was hearing my breath. In the first days of training the taking of inhalator was decreased in two times. I was increasing the time of training to 20 minutes.

The assaults of asthma was not being taken off by method fully but I did not lost the hope as knew the method 's theory. My health was changeable. It the firsts two month I had exacerbation of illness. I broke of the habit to take a deep breath and before sleeping was gluing the mouth by plaster. In the first two month I had cold and was going with big handkerchief. When I was outdoor then was braking my deep breath. My bad health was 2 months without changing. The tonsils was paining all time. I thought make some wrong with my training. I had found of Buteyko's methodologist in Saint-Petersburg. It is the fact- in St. Petersburg only two methodologists by Buteyko's method ! Methodologist said me that I trying in the right way.

The period between assaults was 6 hours. My started control pause was 7 second. Methodologist said me that my organism was soiled very high. I had crossed in shared diet and started to go without food one day at week. Also one day at week I went to the sauna. After that my health was standing more better. Since one month I have lost 15 kg of my weight from 100 kg before. My tonsils was paining hard. It scared me. I thought to cut it as Buteyko recommend to cut bad tonsils. But it had stopped to pain one day. Also in third month was inflamed my external hemorrhoids and after two week it has disappear.

I trained by Buteyko every day 2-3 hours each day. Each training was about 20-30 min. So that 4-6 training each day. I excluded sugar from my eat and accomplished all recommendation was given to me by methodologist. After 3 month of training I have approached to control pause 20 sec.

The interval between assaults is 16-24 hours now. I can to stop the assault of asthma by method. It is the win!

It is the great discovery. In 3 month I have returned 10 years of life.

I look younger and the people see it in my work. I changing my clothes as my old clothes staying too big. My sleep decreased to 7 hours from 9 hours. My life began easier.

I want to say to all my doctors: Enough ! Stop it ! I am not yours client now!

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