Eric and Estelle Krause
Trigg, Western Australia 6029.

Wednesday, 28 February 1996

Dear Aaron

It is now just over one year since Estelle and I did the Buteyko course with you and I am taking this opportunity to let you know of our progress. Estelle, as you will remember, suffered from a combination of Asthma and Bronchiectisis and I had Asthma with underlying C.O.A.D. (Chronic Obstructive Airways Disease) and Sinus Disease.

I am very happy to report that neither of us now have any asthma at all and we no longer take any Ventolin or any other bronchodilator. I still have sinus problems and the C.O.A.D. which requires steroid medication but I am hopeful that by continuing with the Buteyko method of breathing my respiratory condition will show further improvement. As you know I was extremely sceptical of the seemingly illogical treatment but now I would be happy to recommend the system.

However it is Estelle who has received the most benefit. From more than 20 puffs of Beclaforte and Ventolin per day she is down to only one puff of Beclaforte night and morning. Even more importantly she is now free of the terrible drudgery of twice daily postural drainage as well as the debilitating physiotherapy and the continued coughing which made her life a misery.

The specialists at SCGH had told her that the bronchoscopy examination had showed that a significant part of her lungs had lost the cilia which sweep the dust etc. out of the airways and that the areas were now scar tissue which could not be repaired. They told her that postural drainage with physiotherapy would be necessary every day for the rest of her life.

There is now no more coughing no more postural drainage no more physiotherapy and only a minor amount of medication. She is a much happier healthier person. We have just returned from a trip to Ireland, England, Scotland, Italy and Asia which we could not have thought about two years ago.

All we have had to do to achieve this healthier lifestyle is to sit and watch TV for about 25 minutes twice a day while we do our Buteyko breathing. We do not consider this to be a significant chore compared with the benefits we have received.

Estelle and I both feel that the money spent for the course was the best investment we have ever made.

Aaron, if you consider that this letter could help you promote the Buteyko system to other people with respiratory problems then please feel free to use it. I feel that this is the least that we can do to express our thanks.

Kindest regards and many thanks from