From:Kwan Poh San

Greetings from Singapore.

I was browsing the net when I came about your home page on the Buteyko Method. I would like to add my testimony about the good results of the method.

I developed asthma while working in Papua New Guinea in 1985. My problem got progessively worse, until in Feb 1997 when I almost died of an attack. I was evacuated to Cairns, and was hospitalized for 12 days. Since then I have been on steriod and Serevent, managing with two puffs in the morning and two in the evening.

Since returning to Singapore in June last year, I have been actively looking for a non-drug method to manage my asthma. Finally a month ago I found it in a book in a bookstore: Alexander Stalmatski's "Freedom from asthma". From there I got in touch with James Hooper in Townsville, and obtained a copy of his manual. I have been doing the breathing exercises by the Buteyko method, and since then has been free from dependence on drugs. I feel so much better, my sleep at night is deep and for at least seven hours. I thank God for leading me to this method.

I wonder if I'm the first Singaporean to use this method? I am anxious to spread the word to others in this city, and am encouraging my asthmatic friends to try the method. Our army has discovered that one in four national service men suffer from asthma, and the problem is on the rise among children. So there are many people needing help. I would like to start a web page soon to alert people to this method. When I return to Papua New Guinea, I will also spread the word about this method.

Your home page has given me many resaurces to use to convince sceptics about this method. Thank you very much.

God bless you.

Kwan Poh San (Ms)

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