From:Melinda Zalamea

I had asthma when I was a child but outgrew it when I reached highschool. My asthma got back with a vengeance when I was experiencing menopause three years ago. There never was a day when I did not have an attack. I was also hospitalized three times in one year aside from numerous visits to the ER. I am on a twice a day dose of inhaled steroid and 8 puffs of fenoterol ipratropium (long acting beta agonist) per day for more than a year now not to mention oral steriods when the attack is severe. At times my dosage of beta agonists go up to 16 puffs a day especially during weather changes. I could not even walk a few steps without panting or coughing. Ordinary daily routine like taking a bath leaves me breathless. I was a tireless person before this and I could not accept being debilitated like this. Doctors I have gone to tell me that I have to accept my condition and recognize what triggers my asthma so I could avoid them. At the back of my mind I could not accept what the doctors told me. So began my search for an alternative solution to my dis-ease.

I tried medition, transpersonal healing and everything I could get my hands on. I've searched all forums including the net. I have even been a regular on the Shn Asthma forum where asthmatics vent their feelings and their experience about the different kind of medication and the effects on them. I could not even remember how I came to the Buteyko site. I have spent hours reading and re-reading all the materials I could find about this technique. Sad to say there was no practitioner where I am from and the book and video I ordered has not yet arrived.

Nevertheless, I made an outline of all those who shared the technique and tried it. I do not even know if I am doing the technique right but I am very excited about the fact that from 16 puffs of the fenoterol/ipratropium a day I was able to cut it to 6 puffs a day in just a week of practicing the technique. I also am able to go up the stairs without panting.

For this I am very grateful. I can hardly wait to get my copy of the book and the video but in the meantime I am going to continue what I am doing. I am willing to share this experience of mine to your contributors.

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