From:Robert Bushell

My name is Robert Bushell, a 46-year-old PE/IT teacher. Fifteen years ago at the age of 31 I was diagnosed as suffering from 'exercised induced asthma.' I had played competitive sport for many years with no problem. The asthma started several months after I stopped playing rugby union, an anaerobic/aerobic activity, to Fell Running, a lung busting aerobic activity. Over the years my asthma got progressively worse, the more inhalers I used the worse my condition seemed to get. Approximately twice a year a heavy cold would induce a bad attack, which would require oral steroid tablets as well as pounding my lungs with inhalers.

During August last year I watched the QED programme 'Breathless' about the Buteyko technique for controlling asthma. Immediately after the programme finished I went on the Internet and found as much information about Buteyko, including your excellent web site, as I could.

I started concentrating on breathing through my nose and mouth taping at night. When exercising I take things easy and breath through my nose. Since watching that programme I have:

1. Not used any inhalers or steroids
2. Not had an asthma attack.
3. Not had my usual heavy cold five weeks into the autumn term.

I firmly believe breathing through the nose is the key to conquering asthma.

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