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Buteyko exercises are hard to maintain on your own. That's why Buteyko instruction lends itself particularly well to group therapy. In this environment you can discuss problems not only with your practitioner, but also with others who share your experiences.

Commercial Buteyko practitioners provide support for as long as required. Free follow up lessons are part of the Buteyko teaching philosophy. Even some of the vendors of DIY kits provide some form of follow up consultations.

However, there has emerged a need for further support, particularly for isolated people.

We have formed a new Yahoo (E-group). You can join by E-mail or through your web browser.

You can also access the archives.

To join via browser:

Click to subscribe to buteykosupportgroup

To join by email:

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To access archive:

All of the BSG archive is available and can be accessed by visiting and logging in with your yahoo ID. If you do not already have a yahoo ID you will need to create one and link it to the email address you have already registered with yahoo. To do that, click on the 'Register' link near the top right of the page and follow the instructions.

If you already have a yahoo account you need to link your yahoo ID to the email address registered with the Buteyko Support Group (BSG). To do this logon to your yahoo ID and navigate to

Click on 'conversion wizard' on the upper right of the screen. Enter your BSG registered email address in the lower box where a password is not required (not the upper one, you may need to scroll down the screen). You will now receive an email, to your BSG email address, with an authorisation code. You must now follow the instructions on this email.

When done, login to your yahoo ID, go back to and you will see a selectable menu down the left of the page. Select 'Messages' to view the archive.

Information supplied by Norman Back.