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This page is to thank all those that have provided information and pictures to supplement my own.

Without their input and help these pages would  include, "but a fraction" of the material that is currently available.


I must thank all sincerely........"Thanks Fella's (and ladies)".....MUCH APPRECIATED!


Come on everybody......Take a bow!



If I've forgotten anybody, I apologise and please email me and I will remedy the situation ASAP.


Malcolm & Sue Gillott UK
Walter Sprosec Austria
Christian Arzberger Austria
Tony Michael Australia
Tony Corke Australia
Robert David Australia Website
Sean Philyaw USA Website
Richard Walsh UK
Lloyd Allison Australia
Peter Rieger Austria
Michael Roberts Australia
Ian Weeks  Australia
Sebastian Edtinger Austria
Steve Cannon UK
Michael Witner Austria
Dave Seager-Thomas UK
Constantin Kiesling Austria Website
Udo Gergely Austria
Carl UK
David Huber Austria
Klaus Ronge Austria
Mike Hallett  UK
Automotive Technik UK Website
Bruno Griffoul France
Martin Oertl Austria
Phil Barnard Australia
John Birrell Australia
Phil Sethna Australia
Roland Schmid Switzerland