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There is nothing like a campfire to keep you warm on a chilly night and I like nothing better than to sit down in front of a good campfire with a cup of tea and listen to a few good jokes after a days 4WDriving.

........ however,

In Australia we have to be careful with campfires and indeed there are times when it is either inadvisable or even illegal to light one.


Bush fires are a real threat in Australia given our dry climate, summer temperatures and bush / flora type / characteristics, and each year hundreds of thousand of hectares of State Forest, National Parks, private land and bush (as well as human and animal life) are destroyed by fire.

Bush Fires and all other types of fires and emergencies outside the main towns and metropolitan areas of Australia are fought by voluntary fire fighters under the control of professional servicemen.....In the State of Victoria it is the CFA (Country Fire Authority).


Most Australian are knowledgeable of fires possible destructive tendencies and that if it is treated wisely and with respect fire can be one of man's most useful resources.



Below are some pics of some of our most "memorabile" and enjoyable fires!

Talbotville (2000)



We had a number of people this night so the campfire was an appropriate size!





Mayford (2000)

On this particular night it was "almost" snowing so an intense fire was needed to keep the cold at bay!

You can see how the dry, dense timber burns evenly and provides ample hot coals to keep the fire the blazing.

A small "billy boiling" campfire based on the coals of the previous nights fire provides more than enough heat to boil the water for the morning "cuppa".



Noojee (2001)

Now that's a nice.... "bone warming" fire!

It's a tough life, but someone has to do it!!!



Flinders Ranges (2002)

For a few nights during Treffen Oz II in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia we stayed in the Shearers Quarters on various Stock Stations ....... this campfire was at Warreweena Homestead.

A small but "practical fire lit using VERY dry wood from the Flinders.