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Information Wanted).



Many people around the world have been more than helpful supplying information and pictures for these web pages.

It is only with their help that much of the information is available, but I'm still after MORE information...Yes I know, I'm GREEDY!


If you could help with any of the requests below I would be very appreciative and it would be great to hear from you...THANKS!!




I would like to include more pictures of "unique" Pinzgauers, both MILITARY and CIVILIAN, so if you have pictures etc of either air-cooled or TD's performing interesting roles or tasks, it would be great to hear from you.


If so please contact: Peter Farrer

I would still like to get some information and possibly pictures of the TD Pinzgauers currently in service with the Malaysian Armed Forces.


I understand there are 380, 716 (4X4) and 718 (6X6) units with automatic transmissions in service but they are proving to be VERY illusive.

Does anybody know anything?


If so please contact: Peter Farrer

Does anybody have any information on this vehicle or any other Pinzgauers in Australia ?


There were several Pinzgauers operating in Australia as tour buses / vehicles in the late 70's and I would be happy to receive any photographs or information from people who travelled in, or know anything about them.


Additionally there is "rumoured" to be a red 710M (4X4) Pinzgauer somewhere in Australia, possibly brought in by an Austrian film crew....Does anybody know anything?


If so please contact: Peter Farrer

Has anyone got any information regarding the first Haflinger imported into AUSTRALIA?


I don't want to disparage or discount any information people may have, so I won't say anything of what I know, but if you think you know something about this vehicle please get in touch!


If so please contact: Peter Farrer