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G'Day, Hello, Seas,

My name is Peter Farrer and I live in Melbourne, Australia.

If you are a first time visitor looking to learn more about Pinzgauers and Haflingers, or you just stumbled across this page while "surfing" then please read on to learn more about these fascinating vehicles.

If you have been here before I hope these revised and upgraded pages are to your liking.

The layout of these "upgraded" pages is similar to that of my previous effort except this time I have endeavoured to make the pages a little simpler to use while at the same time improving the aesthetic / graphic appeal.

After receiving a number of emails I feel it important to mention that I have NO COMMERCIAL or BUSINESS INTEREST in Pinzgauers, Haflingers or any other Steyr Puch products but rather am simply a devout enthusiast who is fascinated by these incredible off-road vehicles.

I hope you enjoy this site and that you find the information, pictures and details interesting and / or beneficial.

If you feel you have anything you would like to contribute to these pages in the way of vehicle pictures, pertinent data, historical information etc then please contact me on the email address opposite.


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